My writings have been limited to the music class I am taking at the college. It is the first class in a series of music theory classes. The one I am taking right now is an online guitar lesson. For real. This 4 year State College is very modern and offers a good variety of online classes. This is actually a guitar lesson review and comparison between a college level course and a how to play guitar for beginners class, which is also an online guitar lesson.

It ‘s not a fair comparison either. The course I am taking has nothing to do with musical skills. It is theory, pure and simple. Anyone who works hard enough can learn theory of music and not play an instrument. Fundamentals of Music Theory is a non emotional course. Purely technical.

The online guitar lessons and beginning guitar lessons I review and recommend are purely for your education and enjoyment. That’s the best way to start. We want to conjure up some emotion, exercise the part of your brain that feels the spirit of a piece of music. Everyone is different, and thus different music for everyone. The idea is to capture your imagination, and use it too teach you guitar in the most pleasant and solid manner. Why not learn something you enjoy as you learn guitar? There is no rule that it has to be all work and little fun. Make all of it fun, in the end, it’s all playing the guitar. Fun.

In order to keep the mind clear and focused, learning an instrument can be purely musical. If you wanted to learn an easy guitar song fast, most intelligent people can be taught one fast. For instance if you like a particular song, one you know well, which has 4 chords in it. Four chords that repeat the same pattern. Then learning 4 easy guitar chords is not that big of a task. I am not suggesting you bypass the essential lessons on basic guitar technique using a solid background structure. I am saying that gratification can be had fast.

Now, let me tell you something. The class I am taking is boring.. the teacher is disinterested, I have yet to receive any feedback. It is very un-motivating to think your teacher does not read your assignments. That maybe the teacher just does not care or is overloaded. Which is not conducive to learning. Students want credit for their efforts. Even the Dean of the department, The Dean of fine Arts seems un-motivated to contact the teacher and find out why I have no grade on any assignment I have turned in. And I’m pissed about it. I don’t even know if the teacher reads my hard work.

Why do I do it. I need to learn the finer details of the theory of music to be the most qualified reviewer online. It is my responsibility to you to provide the best information available. But I’ll tell  this, I won’t go back to that institution. I am of the mind that the student should be encouraged to have fun. The teacher needs to have some interaction to do so. I will continue my education with another quality institution. There are plenty colleges in Florida that want my money.

Finally, you certainly will not find any online guitar lessons which I have reviewed where you won’t get the quality attention and education you are trying to find beginning guitar lessons for any age. Take the time to read my online guitar lesson reviews. The first thing you will notice is that these teachers are glad to help and see you grow. So don’t believe for one second you need private lessons at a high cost. Now go read the reviews. Guitar Players Center.

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  1. hmmm, sorry you are so disenchanted with your class, but it seems like you are learning good stuff, and doing your school work, so maybe you don’t need special attention from your teacher.
    I once took a college graphics class from a teacher whose methods I really didn’t like. He just gave us a short lecture, and left us with the computer to do the exercises prescribed in each chapter in the book. I dropped the class and complained and the head of the department got me into the same graphics course with a much more popular instructor.. Boy was I glad I had done all of that boring drilling with the first teacher. The second teacher wasn’t about teaching methods, rather he was teaching graphics design, and the methods I had learned at first, though boring helped me to keep up in the design heavy class of the second instructor.

  2. Do you know of an onlilne guitar course that is aimed at teaching children?

  3. Dorothy Weinstein

    Interesting perspective, realistic, and honest. Thanks, Danny!

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. It helped me gain a lot of info.

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