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I have always enjoyed taking guitar lessons. From the beginning, in 1967, playing the guitar was fun, and I loved my guitar teacher. I enjoyed practicing too, because my teacher and dad never made it a chore. The biggest question nowadays is whether to choose from learn at home guitar lessons, online video guitar lessons, online Guitar DVD lessons that come in a nice sturdy package, or some form of down-loadable digital guitar lesson. Read on, this guitar lesson review may answer your questions.

I have used learn at home video lessons extensively for a while and had great success. I decided that each of the sites I was interested in had some viable lessons for me. I ended up trying to learn some guitar tricks from leaders in online video guitar lessons for beginners. I used guitar educational schools at different times, so I did not have to pay for two memberships at once, in part, and because the learn to play the guitar school I was using at said time had exactly what I wanted to learn on it, and that is where 100% of my focus was.

Basically I used both sites over a period of two years to become a high level intermediate player. I’ll say this. I practice a lot. Or, you can say I play a lot. I start every session out practicing basic essentials or a new lick. I never have anything set in stone. After about 15 to 30 minutes of practice time, I’m playing the guitar. I practice way more than the person who considers it a chore, plus, I’m more advanced than most players who have been playing as long as myself.

I’m not bragging, I am a super diligent practice/player, and I work harder than anyone. I also have used good tools, like the best online video guitar lessons. And accurate backing tracks, or a metronome or both. A must do.

What is the difference? Practicing the guitar takes thought, which means one is not being spontaneous. playing the guitar did not take conscious thinking, one is in the zone so to speak when they are playing the guitar.

Do whatever it takes to prepare yourself mentally every time you sit down to practice your guitar. I enjoy my practice sessions like crazy. I have no desire to perform for anyone, so just the act of playing brings great joy. I don’t care if 10 people listen, 100 people listen, or I play alone, I like to make music. I have my own voodooo vibe now, one I have developed over many years. Now go develop your own vibe. GPC

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