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What exactly is a Key Signature? If you are not sure, don’t feel bad about it. I know plenty of top notch guitar players who have no clue. In fact I had no clue until I took the college course on music theory last spring at the local 4 year state college. This is a brief and simplified guitar lesson review of key signatures.

I wanted to learn to read modern music notation as a way to expand my musical library. To read and play musical score,  one must  know the language of music notation that uses modern musical symbols.

Key signatures reviewed.

Key signature chart # 1 for guitar

First off I only bite off easy to digest pieces to learn. Chart # 1 above is written in standard notation. Below is how I write it down to help me understand and etch it in my memory. It won’t take very long to remember it. You are not in a race. I recommend starting to remember it now, so when you are ready to use the information it is somewhat instinctive.

By the time you understand the other basics of read music, this will become lodged well enough in your memory to be able to read the key signature of a piece of music in a reasonable amount of time. Trust me.

Key of C Major has no sharps

Key of G Major has 1 sharp #

Key of D Major has 2 sharps ##

Key of A Major has 3 sharps ###

Key of E Major has 4 sharps ####

Key of B Major has 5 sharps #####

Key of F Major has one flat b

If you look at chart 1 and find the key of G: it has one sharp, which is placed on the staff on the exact spot the sharp occurs. The only sharped note is F, which becomes an F#. Learning how to read notes on the treble staff comes well before key signatures in learning to read music.

I do not recommend overloading yourself when you study. The original guitar lesson review titled: A Lesson on Key Signatures for Advanced Guitar Players is more concentrated and not as easy to understand.

Every guitar lesson review I write is an effort to help you become a better guitar player. For those trying to choose the best online guitar lessons read my guitar lesson reviews to make the decision easier and faster.

Try this inexpensive way to remember.


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  1. Thanks for the review–a great idea.

    And your graphics look amazing!

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  4. Another way of doing this scale is just use the thumb and index finger. It lets you walk up 2 or more oatevcs with ease. Those with smaller hands might use the middle instead of the index finger.

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