Snarling Dogs Addicted to Wah The Super Bawl Whine-o

We were talking to some people looking for quality unbiased reviews of a guitars or musical products (or any product) that they may be interested in purchasing. Usually there is difficulty in finding an unbiased review that tells you the bad side too. Their are always two sides to a pancake and we know everything has pros and cons, but realistically where can you find a review that is truthful on both sides?

I get tired of sensationalistic reviews that overrate pieces of junk just so people buy the products. Usually, the buyer is dissatisfied. Our reviews are products we buy, own, borrow but won’t steal. Since if we gotta buy it ourselves, we won’t B.S. you. Period.

I want to show you a biased sensationalistic review first, written by a professional who is payed to do reviews that sell products, and then a review we did on the same product. Read them both and make your own decision on which one is more accurate and in your best interest

Biased, Sensational pay for review:

Finally a wah that gives you a choice of 12 different wahs. Take your pick of our three basic wah sounds, WHITE ROOM (thick and Creamy), VOODOO (Midrange growl) or SHAFT (sharp and funky). Add our TWINDUCTOR BEEF BOOST to shift the frequency ranges on those three sounds to give you three entirely different wahs. Next use our HORMONE CONTROL to play the six sounds in the TESTOSTERONE (hi power) or ESTROGEN (low power) modes. That’s six sounds in each mode giving you a total of 12 different wah sounds in one wah pedal. Adjust the volume of the wah with the pre-amp volume control or even add a bit of overdrive.

The wah can also be used as a tone filter to find that “sweet spot” everybody loves. A TRUE BYPASS allows your guitar or instrument to maintain its original tone without coloring the sound. As if that wasn’t enough, when you play the pedal, you will see that it’s not just the sound but the feel that sucks you in. If you can’t find the wah sound you like in this pedal… you don’t want a wah.

• Controls: ON/OFF, 3-way mode switch: White Room, Voo Doo, Shaft
• Preamp volume control
• Plus the HORMONE CONTROL to switch between our standard aggressive wah sound, or more conventional cleaner one
• True Mechanical Hard Bypass Switch
You also get the TWINDUCTOR BEEF BOOST, our patent-applied-for feature using twin inducers, similar to switching from single coil pickup to a humbucker.

My Review and point of view:

First, my pedal board has 6 pieces of guitar effects equipment on it. It should be obvious by now, that I have a Super Bawl wah on it. Functionally, however, the design is poorly setup and hard to use. Playing the guitar is instinctual, there is no time to think about your Wah pedal being difficult to use when you are playing. The on/off being under the front of the pedal means that the moment you turn it on you’re at the top of the wah range, giving you an abrupt shift into uber-treble territory. The way it came out of the box stock, you have to stomp on it VERY hard to turn it on – so hard you might easily miss your cue( I adjusted mine instead of sending it back).

Tried adding some tape over the tit on the switch that contacts the pedal, which only allowed me to make it way too EASY to switch on and off. That way I’d constantly accidentally turn it off when I tried to use the high range. The over weight slab of steel you’re moving is distracting and hard to control. It’s hinged in such a way that it just kind of flops around; about 2/3 of the way forward it will actually fall forward on to the switch, just from gravity, unless you keep your foot tight on it. This also makes it impossible to use in fixed positions, except fully up or fully down.

The sound is rich, but noisy. Nasty analog. The sweep is quite wide, so you can get fairly similar sounds from each of the tone settings. It’s a very good, classic wah sound, but produces a lot of signal noise when it’s on. (None when it’s off though – true bypass.) Mine quickly developed a problem where it would randomly jump between a kind of muffled tone and super high gain, independent of what the volume know was set to.

For the money though, the Super Bawl Whine-O Wah seems to be an adequate product, especially if your fairly new to Wah and need to learn how to use it, and see if you like Wah. It gives a darn good tone and sound if you are getting into the Wah vibe. Which is a very cool vibe and necessary to have. It is also very usable if you play in a band or jam a lot and are on a budget. Realistically, for about $119.00 it is the best Wah pedal available in the inexpensive and very abundant line of Wah pedals.

This real world un-biased review by Guitar Players Center is an effort to steer you in the right direction, hopefully it will help you make good decisions. Even if you make the wrong decision, most of the terrific online guitar sores have lenient return policies. You can also virtually test drive most guitar products online, using the hi-tech tools available to listen to sound clips of most musical effects gear.

Enjoy your quest for guitars and gear. GPC encourages your comments and opinions about our reviews, and hope you feel compelled to Share It with other guitar players.

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  1. I tried the same pedal myself and found it unsuitable. It just had to many design problems.

  2. What a good idea. I frequently have trouble finding unbiased reviews for products I am considering. thanks.

  3. This is a great looking guitar pedal!Has personality!

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