The combination of the ways Jimi Hendrix used the controls on his guitars are endless. Hendrix almost exclusively controlled the volume and tone from his guitar. That allowed him the usual possibilities, but he turned it to his advantage. Every component in his amplification and effect system was turned wide open.

Since he was a left handed guitar player, and he played a right handed guitar upside down, the controls on his Fender Stratocaster were on top, above the guitar strings. This allowed Jimi to pick the guitar, and, at the same time move the volume and tone controls with the heel of his hand to smooth in and out of a tone. It also allowed him to mess with his volume control, as in, volume swells automatically.

While performing, this allowed him to fool around with his toggle switch to make strong howling wind effects. Jimi toggled the switchback back and forth wildly in ‘Voodoochild’ and at times put it in between the positions for more effect, all facilitated by having the controls of his guitar on the top.

The machine gun blasts, in ‘Machine Gun’ would come from repeatedly plugging and unplugging his guitar from the amplifier. He did everything he was not supposed to do maneuvering his toggle switches.

My thoughts on the subject include getting an affordable left handed Stratocaster and turning it backwards, restringing it backwards and giving it a try. Many great guitar players can play darn good and beautifully soulful versions of some of Hendrix’s compositions. I have never seen a righty play a left handed guitar backwards. In the same manner Hendrix did as a left handed guitar player.

What do you think? I suspect a genuine Voodoo Stratocaster will be in my future, once I get my Black Walnut Stratocaster built. Don’t hold your breath, the Stratocaster will be a while. And judging from the Walnut Stratocaster my pal Allan made, it will not be cheap. So basically I’m asking for donations of any sort to help out. lol.

Guitar Players Center. Something to think about. Enjoy.

3 Responses to Try this Jimi Hendrix guitar control technique…

  1. nice article. Your wife told me she hopes you don’t get another guitar any time soon. hehehe

  2. onemoreplayer

    We lost a Great Artist!

  3. Honest John

    “The machine gun blasts, in ‘Machine Gun’ would come from repeatedly plugging and unplugging his guitar from the amplifier”

    Didn’t happen, don’t know where you got that from but it is WRONG!

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