Not very long ago in order to listen to the newest or most sought after effects or gear for guitars or bass guitars, also called stomp pedals or stomp boxes, you had to find a local store (with a large inventory) or friend that had one and use your hard earned gas money to traipse all over town just to check this equipment out. That is of course if you were able to find it locally. Just wasting money on gas and valuable time fighting traffic that can go into buying your newest piece of gear does not make sense.

Realistically speaking one of the most advanced, powerful and cost effective tools that has become available to buyers in the last year or less is the ability to test, view and listen to this equipment online. It’s just the tip of the iceberg for reviewing cool new technology by using internet technology to your advantage.

The prevailing opinion at Guitar Players Center is one of total pleasure. We love the idea of staying at home and spending our valuable time listening to just about any effects pedal one is interested in. Modern technology has grown so much that we can examine, test listen and virtually handle almost any product and do it online at home. We can examine it’s inner features with more accuracy and the technical information is better than most guitar sales people dream of. Good solid information is at your finger tips, literally.

Note: It’s important to mention that if you don’t like what you purchased, you can get a refund or exchange it. At several online stores you may be eligible for a Credit Card with 12 Months Same As Cash and Free shipping on most holiday orders (normally it’s free on orders of $99.00 or more). Don’t forget that a gift certificate is a great idea if you don’t know what your guitarist wants, but you definitely want to get them a piece of gear. Gear is always a good gift for a guitar player.

Take advantage of 12 months to pay with no interest on any purchase of $199 or more made with your Musician’s Friend Platinum Card, if you qualify! Free shipping for the Holidays on orders over $49.00. The Guitar Center has an almost identical deal if you choose to shop there instead. Most online stores are very competitive, check them all unless you have a preference. Musicians Friend has always been a good experience for me.

As elementary as this sounds, gear is gear. Pricing and availability make the difference. The word I use is fungible which is defined as interchangeable. Meaning that all Boss DD-6 Digital Delay Pedals are the same (or interchangeable) and all Line 6 Pod X3 Guitar Multi Effects Processors are the same (and so on with other effects gear), so with that in mind one would look for the best deal. And that applies to almost all non custom built effects pedals and gear made by most manufacturers. It does not matter if you get it from Musicians Friend, The Guitar Center, Instrument Pro or Guitar Trader. It’s all the same equipment made by the same company/s. Unless you have an undying loyalty to one store over another.

For instance, if you go to Musicians Friend and choose any piece of guitar effects gear and click on that piece of gear and go to the page that describes the equipment go ahead and check out the sound clips of that item. It’s fun and cool and helpful. The more I look for ways to test gear online the better it gets. If you go to The Guitar Center and click Amps & Effects (grey bar with white letters on the top), once you get to Amps & Effects choose the effect (delay/reverb/wah,etc.) you are interested in (on the left) under Guitar Effects. Surprise, click the item that interests you and you get sounds, a video or two and specs all in one place.

It is unbelievable to have that type of information instantly in one place. the array of statistics makes it easy to use and highly accurate. I can spend endless time listening to the sounds and/or watching videos before I decide. It’s about 100% accurate, Guaranteed. In my opinion.

It’s important to exhaust all of your resources for buying online, especially as technology develops at such a fast pace. Guitar Players Center is committed to bringing you more and better ways to reliably buy online. There may be other ways to test equipment that we have not discovered yet, if you see one, we would appreciate your input. It helps everyone that reads these articles.

Let me know how your experience turned out and what you bought. We would love to get a personal review from any of our readers on any equipment you purchase and the store you purchased it at. We will post it for other people to read and hopefully make everybody’s choices and experiences more accurate and fulfilling.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more ways to buy online with absolute confidence and security.

The Guitar Critic.

P.S. It is very upsetting to me and a real tragedy that Sean Taylor of The Washington Redskins died this morning of a gunshot wound by an alleged burglar. RIP Sean, We will miss you as a person and player.

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