It happened just the other day. I can’t say I was pleased when my cheap old guitar tuner that was practically a family heirloom finally broke. Not really an emergency but inconvenient and annoying. Using a tuning fork sucks! The hunt was on and the best part was it provided an excellent opportunity for me to buy a new tuner and use some of the tools I suggested using in a recent article on using resources provided by online guitar and music stores to ones advantage. It’s always exciting to have any reason to research and then buy new guitar gear that suited ones interests best!

I love cruising the best online guitar and gear stores for anything guitar or music.I get a quick education on what companies and models are offered. From the latest and greatest pieces of equipment to the cheapest or most expensive in all categories. I get sidetracked a lot also because there is so much to look at and evaluate that I sometimes start looking at other stuff.

Overwhelming is exactly what I felt the minute my search for a tuner started. I could not believe how many tuners are available. Most musicians are pretty picky about their gear and being overwhelmed is a good thing because the amount of choices available really puts you in a position to get the exact piece of equipment for your best interests.

The tuners I seriously considered are the Korg DT-10BR Chromatic Tuner, the Boss TU-2 Chromatic Stompbox Tuner, the Fender PT-100 Custom Pedal Tuner, an Intellitouch PT2 Tuner, a Peterson StroboStomp2 Virtual Strobe Pedal Tuner and a set of Tuning Forks. My estimation that there are hundreds of tuners available from many fine manufacturers may be a bit humble. Try investigating several of the best online stores with huge inventories like Musicians Friend, Guitar Center and Music123 and you will find a tuner for your needs. Each store suggested here has four or five pages of tuners you can review. I’d like to mention that the descriptions and specifications offered by the online stores are very understandable and complete.

I bought the Korg DT-10BR Chromatic Tuner. I studied the specifications of each tuner and decided the features offered by this tuner fit me perfectly. It supports alternate tunings, has very easy to read in the dark LED and note-name displays (good for old guys) , and comes with a cable that plugs into a 1 Spot 9 volt Power Adapter.

Most tuners and pedals use 9 volt batteries or power adapters. A note, always make sure of the power requirement of your tuner. Some accessories and gear don’t use 9 volts and may be damaged if you use the wrong power adapter. Do get an adapter though, because these devices eat batteries. I recommend putting a long life 9 volt battery (not the half charged test battery that comes with the product) in your tuner so any personal settings you create are saved when the power is off. Sorta like a backup system.

It is important to note that I bought this at my local guitar store, The Rock Shop (772 429 8880) . I was in a rush and Tom had one. I paid $10.00 bucks more than any of the online stores offered it for. My Wife and Myself like to support our local music and guitar store. Online research and shopping are the way to go in 99% of the cases. Please excuse me for not being able to comment on the actual purchase process I would follow by doing business on the internet.

Obviously I could not take advantage of special payment plans, free shipping and gift certificates by not buying online. If this were a gift I would prefer a gift certificate from one of the big online guitar stores for the sake of the large amount of choices available. Very few local guitar and music stores offer the vast array of choices one gets by shopping at a Mega Music and Guitar store on the internet.

Guitar Players Center will be starting a monthly giveaway program soon. We will purchase a piece of new and intriguing guitar gear every month. After GPC tests and reviews the item it will be available as a monthly giveaway. Stay tuned in for a bulletin on when our giveaway starts. It won’t be long.

GPC is not being paid by anyone or getting the items free to review. Everything we review and give away will be paid for out of our pockets. No companies will be donating or giving us guitars or gear in order to get favorable reviews. All reviews and info will therefore be biased-free, providing real world information real guitarists need.

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  1. Article idea...

    Hey Danny,
    I was listening to Steve Ray Vaughan play Lenny. It sends chills down my spine. How about an article on electric guitar work like this that sends chills down your spine? I would love to hear what you love and even have links to places I could download the music or purchase the CD.

    Thanks again for a great and informative site!


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