Stage three (3) chords. The names are a bit scary sounding. The “add9” means that an extra note has been added to the basic chord and the “sus” stands for “suspended”. The actual way a chord is constructed is not important now. I don’t think it is important to cover the theory and construction behind every type of chord in order to learn and master guitar. Theory is not as important as remembering the shapes and names of the chords and becoming instinctive with their usage.

As the chords charts grow, the deeper we get into chords you will start to experience the different flavors a chord can have. What I mean is that an “A” chord has a ton of configurations as in “A”, “Am”, “Amaj7”, “Asus2”, “A7” and so forth. These are all different voicings of “A”. The small and larger differences in voicings’ of an “A” chord are like spices in a great dish. It doesn’t change the dish, but it makes it taste a bit different and hopefully better. If you add the right spice you may have something unique and delicious going! Tell me your favorite songs don’t sound delicious or tasty. This set of chords, once mastered is the opening to all of your new spices. Use them freely and enjoy.

Add this chord chart to your collection and remember to study them and practice them everyday. Go to the “woodshed” out back, where you won’t be disturbed and take up this fun and gratifying challenge. Remember that all three stages of chords are building blocks to your success. Make it fun, soon you will start to recognize certain songs and licks that have been eluding you.

If your teacher is not teaching you this stuff as early as your teacher thinks that you can learn & master them, then get a new teacher or examine the guitar lessons in this particular online guitar lessons class with dvds recommended in the 1st paragraph.

I know that this onslaught of chords is somewhat overwhelming. The personal gratification is to put this info to use and when your listeners can identify the songs you play or say “who wrote that”, when you actually made the lick up yourself. I remember how good that felt and still get that feeling everyday. One thing about the guitar, it will always be a challenge.

The new year will bring more good vibes into your life, just keep on pickin’.

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