More Must Know Bar Chords and Their Root Notes.

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You have to know these chords too. Otherwise you will cheat yourself out of one most important set of mandatory chords you will receive. I know it’s a lot of brainpower, I also know that guitar players have a determination to be the best. I doubt this set of chords will even phase someone who is intent on learning. Actually most guitarists look forward to cramming as much quality content into their heads as fast as they can. By not learning stage 4 chords, their will be a big time gap in your knowledge that pretty much inhibits you from the big picture (play like my main man Jimi Hendrix). Remember, you can’t cheat mother nature. Do the work. How are you gonna cram on stage in front of 100,000 screaming fans, if you didn’t learn this stuff. Duh!

Bar (barre) chords, upon examination are exactly what they sound like. In the bar chords shown, one would put their index finger across the entire neck at the appropriate fret covering all 6 strings. Then we apply the necessary fingers (for that particular chord) to the other notes in the chord. An “F” bar chord would require you to “bar” across the 1st fret, which has 2 root notes (F) as shown in the stage 4 chords.

Notes: #1. Every chord in the phase four (4) bar chords have at least one root note in it.
#2. The root notes are the Black ones.
#3. Where it says “bar 1 or bar 3”, that means you bar across the 1st or 3rd fret.
#4. Red notes are
just notes.

Bar chords are movable. Using the the guitar neck picture as a note reference, we can see that the F major chord or “F” chord in the stage 4 chords has two black dots. Both are root notes or “F” notes. Stage 4 chords come in the four basic bar chord shapes shown in the stage 4 chart. They are also known as moveable shaped chords because, without changing your finger patterns, you can change chords. For example, the F major bar chord becomes an F# major bar chord if you move all of your fingers up one fret. This is true for every stage 4 chord.

The guitar neck diagram is a reference item so you can locate your root notes, It also allows you to get acquainted with the entire neck vibe. The notes on the neck are just notes so you can pick out your root notes by looking at the chart. Don’t concern yourself with the colors of the notes on the neck diagram.

The Stage Four Basic Bar Chord Chart is really very simple, and everything I discussed in earlier chord articles in terms of practicing and remembering applies here too. Including building muscle memory.

GPC will have stage five (5) Advanced Guitar chord chart ready in a few days. The last must know mandatory chord installment.

Don’t become concerned that this is the end of must know musicology. Guitar Players Center is preparing some essential mandatory scales. Out of the thousands of scales, our goal is to hook you up with the most useful scales, used frequently by guitar players like Slash, Zakk Wylde and other guitar heroes.

As a guitarist who is still honing his chops (myself), usable scales and chords are part of a necessary structure to become the best player one can be. You are not in a race with anyone, so take your time (at your own rate) to learn this info thoroughly and enjoy the benefits reaped by being diligent about study habits and practice habits.

Hopefully this is helpful and a good addition to my earlier chord lessons. Please comment on anything, especially the accuracy and ease of use of the charts, and Share This, so more players can get into the GPC vibe.

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