Guitar Tutorial: Chord Construction Made Easy

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Making chord Construction sound easy may be a stretch, however most players who know how to build chords can learn to play any chord the fastest way possible. Chords are one of the first things taught. Once you understand the four primary chords, major, minor, diminished and augmented, you can then easily build all other complex chords such as 7th chords, 9th chords, 11th chords and 13th chords.

This free online guitar lesson provides self-study music theory lessons on chord formation which can be applied to any chord. With improved chordal knowledge you will be more prepared for the demands of learning to play guitar first off, composition, performance, and chord-reading and self-accompaniment as well. Including building finger strength.

The following information explains how to construct basic triads and 7th chords ONLY. This will provide an excellent foundation for more advanced chords. Take advantage of the free guitar chord construction guide, it’s very convincing, it is also what we recommend for our students.

1st.-Memorize Formulas, Not Chords!

It is not necessary to memorize hundreds of chords. All you need to do is to learn the formula for making each chord type, and create the chord needed using the appropriate formula. This saves brain power from being wasted on unnecessary effort. It also allows gives you the true understanding of chord-construction, so if you later want to modify the chord, (make inversions) you will know what you are doing.

2nd.-You Don’t Need to Know All Your Scales!

The way chords are usually taught are by first introducing scales. It is typically explained that a minor chord will use the 1, b3 (“flat 3rd”) and 5. (This terminology refers to the 1st, 3rd, and 5th “degree” of the scale.) A diminished chord will use the 1, b3 and b5. The reason this method is so slow to learn and to apply is that the person must first be fluent in all twelve major and minor scales! It’s not that this is bad, it’s just that it is NOT NECESSARY in order to play chords!

Learning easy chords is one of the first things that should be taught to the beginner guitar player. Learning a few easy guitar chords is essential in your quest to learn guitar as a kid or adult. It is not essential to learn chord construction at the onset of your online guitar lessons, but learning a few chords is critical.

The art of chord construction may come in handy later in your learn guitar experience. However if you want to get a jump on chords, let me introduce you to a short free class on chords from an affiliate of mine who can teach you how to make up chords anywhere on the guitar neck.

Once you try this free course on chords, it’s only possible to imagine what is in store and how chords are taught in the easiest most understandable manner. If you are really serious about learning guitar with online guitar lessons, or want to give guitar lessons for beginners online to someone for a gift, use our affiliate link to sign up for online guitar lessons for any level guitar player, including specialized techniques no one else teaches.

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  1. It sure is an art, Danny. Thanks for some types on developing that art!

  2. I guess I learned my chords the hard way. Thanks for the eye opener.

  3. great resource! Thank you!

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