has received an usually large amount of requests about my suggestions for learning guitar chords, ranging from basic and easy guitar chords for beginners, people and/or kids with small hands, to some very advanced Jimi Hendrix chords for really good [intermediate level] guitar players. What I decided to do was list all of the previous articles I have written on guitar chords. Starting with the first one I wrote.

The most effective online video guitar lessons start with simple, easy, and basic guitar chords. By doing so, one can pick out a favorite guitar song of theirs, an easy guitar song for beginners, and play the chords, thus playing the rhythm part of any song. It feels really good to have that type of success in the beginning. It is absolutely possible, anyone can do it with proper instruction and practicing your guitar lesson every day.

The guitar lessons for beginners courses have some well documented lessons for the person who wants to learn guitar chords. Check them out, it’s free. Well worth the cost, especially compared to private lessons. I have signed up for intermediate and advanced lessons for 6 months at a time in order to learn new chords or son gs. Then discontinue using them in six months, for the few months it take for them to become imbedded in my muscle memory.

Then take a few months off to let the lesson really sink in. It could easily take up to a year with a private tutor. Because with online video guitar lessons, you can go back anytime and take the whole lesson or part of the lesson again, for free.

Surprisingly, many of ones favorite guitar songs [including myself] consist of only 3 chords. Some of the greatest blues songs are of the “1-4-5 pattern“, called “The 12 bar blues“. It is basic in nature. So, playing something realistic in relation to your level of play is not as hard to do with some decent education and good practice habits. Practice is the key to success, so I want to write an entire post reviewing the most effective practice techniques soon.

Take your time and enjoy. Remember, make it fun, practicing the guitar is fun, don’t make it a chore. As you become a better player, it will rapidly become more and more fun.

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