Experience Hendrix’s Chordal Magic-Lesson

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Jimi Hendrix Chord Magic with C major

Almost inevitably, if I were to ask most guitar players what a C chord looked and sounded like, the answer would be something in tune (pun) with example #1. A standard type of C chord. One we mentioned in the first chart , not the 7ths chart (click the 1st chart to enlarge and copy) in the post concerning mandatory guitar chords stage one and two These particular charts show many variations of most chords including C. Also, may I suggest that you re-examine the Barre Chords, particularly the C chord in another post must know Bar(barre)Chords.

Realistically speaking, the Jimi Hendix chords posted in an earlier article are overly complicated for most guitar players and this particular lesson may serve you better in the beginning. Simply put, nothing Jimi Hendrix did with his guitar was ordinary or easy to comprehend or perform. This is probably as simple as any of the Hendrix notes and chords played by the master.

Example two shows how Jimi may have played a basic C major chord. his expression of harmony likely was chorded and noted this way. Instead of the usual single chord fingering, Jimi would add some bling and expression of his own using double stops, triple stops, slurs and slides turning it into a beautiful melodical sound. Taking this lightly is not for the person who wants the Hendrix sound. Practice is the key to learning and eventually using this chord methodology.

Looking at example three, we see some of the chord usage that makes songs like “Little Wing”, “The Wind Cries Mary” and Castles Made of Sand”, which are well known songs, more apparent if you listen to them. Sliding them up and down the neck without changing finger positions. Think they are easy? Well for one thing, Hendrix employed the use of his thumb to fret the low E string in these examples. One of the Hendrixy quirks with these chords is that the open G string rings open through any one of the example 3 chords in his unique way. His hands and fingers were long and strong, most folks can’t physically do everything Jimi did. He had freak hands, like Michael Jordan did. Large, long and gangly!

Out of the box thinking from the outskirts of infinity is why Jimi Hendrix could visualize the way he employed his notes. As mere mortals seeing the picture in this manner is not in our vibe. However, by practicing and studying them, we can increase our understanding and perhaps put some of this melodious chords and notes to good use. Guitar Players Center obviously has a thing for Jimi Hendrix.

Our goal at GPC is to play Hendrix like Hendrix. It is a big bite to chew off. One thing for sure, it will take a lifetime to learn, and maybe I’ll meet Jimi on the next world (for some personal instruction), and I won’t be late. Good Luck and Enjoy.

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  1. Dude, the photo is fascinating!

  2. is that C major image part of a book or something cuz i wanna buy it, i find very easy to lear C chord with this picture thanks mate,

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