Essential Guitars Chords And Scales-Stage 1.

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Guitar Chords must know

Essential Guitar Chords

Don’t be scared, essential guitar chords are easy to learn. Below, in my caveman hieroglyphics, from my one working brain cell I will now pull out of my head, an old chart of essential must know chords. These chords are absolutely necessary to the beginner guitar player. I’m not even sure where I learned it. It isn’t important where I learned it, these are must know things. I believe that no truer words were said about essential guitar chords and guitar scales (written here) being mandatory must know items for you to become a successful guitar player. In fact, you may know some of them already. If you know them already then you know that I speak the truth.

Lets just say that Jimmy Page, SRV, Zakk Wylde and Slash use these scales and chords extensively. You trust them don’t you? I learned them one stage at a time and years later I still remember them instinctively. As you vibe in on this material it will become abundantly clear to you that you have heard them used a million times by your favorite players.

There are essentially two types of chords, Major and Minor. A G major chord is written as a “G”, a G minor chord is written as a “Gm.”

I want to keep this simple, there will be very little theory involved now, I just want you to remember the chords and names. Practice them until, if someone yelled “Em” you would instinctively put your left fingers on the correct frets and strum, and so on with each chord. It will take diligent practice and unbreakable focus to become proficient at them. I would be lying to you if I told you it would only take “two weeks” to start shredding.

No one except Jimi Hendrix could shred in two weeks!

Stage 1 Open Chords: Learn these essential guitar chords first. They all consist of chords that stay below the fifth fret. They are easy to learn and will sound familiar to you as you realize that they form the foundation for millions of songs.

Guide: Black notes are root notes. A root note is the name of the chord. The little numbers are where you press your fingers on the frets.

The X means don’t play that note/string. The O means play that string open, (unfretted).

Just Click The Chord chart to enlarge: C D E F G A B7 Am Dm Em

Do you agree with the importance of learning these chords in the beginning? Let me know what you think. Want to look at some detailed guitar lesson reviews to make a wise decision?

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  1. Squara Newman

    Hey, Danny. Just want to say you speak the truth. You gotta learn the chords till they come naturally, and the only way to do that is practice practice practice. I’d add that the major chords are the happy ones, and the minor chords the sad ones (like in “no body knows, the trouble I’ve seen”).

    Keep shredding!!

  2. Cool article, Danny. I am excited about where this lesson is going…That is very funny about your one working brain cell, and your one working brain cell having goofed. I am LMAO…ha ha. Later!

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  7. Is it just me or do the fingers not wan’t to move this way???? lol

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