Essential Chords and Scales Stage 2.

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These chords consist of the second stage of open chords. The theoretical name for these chords are the open sevenths. They all have an extra note in them which adds another voicing and more flavor to the stage one open chords. They are nearly as easy to learn and play as the stage one chords. They are also mandatory for you to know during your progression as a guitarist.

The seventh (7) as in C7 is the musical term for adding the seventh note of the scale to the chord. Again, it is not important to understand the musical theory behind these chords, it’s fine to be able to identify and play the chords instinctively for now and perhaps forever. Lots of musicians and top notch guitarists don’t understand musical theory.

Reader Comment: I’d add that the major chords are the happy ones, and the minor chords the sad ones (like in “no body knows, the trouble I’ve seen”).

Note: Reading and memorizing the chords is all most people need to learn. It is not necessary to understand all of the ways the musical system is constructed to read them. Most students don’t get taught theory unless they request or sign up for a theory class.

Don’t worry about having to memorize all of this information. You will be surprised at how fast you brain remembers this info and after a while your fingers will start performing these activities on command too.. That is called muscle memory.

Before I give you the goodies, I want to vibe you up to some facts. It takes time for your hands and fingers to stretch far enough to be able to conform to the different finger patterns in some chords. Don’t become frustrated. Take the challenge on knowing that in a matter of a few weeks your fingers will start to cooperate by stretching further and becoming more accurate. Remember to practice them every day.

I love these chords and the more advanced I become as a player my ear picks up the subtle differences and allows me to put them to good use. Every time I learn new chords and or scales I find that playing certain songs becomes easier due to adding familiar sounding chords. Very cool!

Go to Stage Two(2) Open Seventh Chords

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3 Responses to Essential Chords and Scales Stage 2.

  1. Good info

  2. Mark Weinstein

    Good stuff — love the theory, too.

  3. Hey Danny, these are good lessons. The chord charts are very helpful. I am really learning.

    I have that muscle memory for chords that you describe. Over the years I have noticed that even when I have taken enough time off from guitar playing that I have had to rebuild my finger strength and callouses again, I have always been able to remember chords I knew before, and move quickly between them.

    I can’t wait to read the next installment.

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