Guitar Chords for Children and People with Small Hands
guitar players with small hands

Read all the guitar lesson reviews you want to. I realize that may be why you are here. I am a guitar teacher, and specialize in children wanting private guitar lessons, which can be accomplished in person, or by webcam. So, what is the difference between  guitar chords that are played by a child on a guitar, and lets say, an adult with small hands reaching for a guitar chord? Not much, small hands are small hands, except a childs hands may grow larger. The bottom line on guitar size is relative to hand size.

Hand size won’t stop you from becoming a good guitar player, but the wrong sized guitar may contribute to frustration and failure.

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Modern technology allows one to buy guitar lessons for beginners with easy chords, specifically for people with small hands. One thing the old lady and myself both agree on is that everyone should play the guitar.

So, we gave an inexpensive beginners, or smaller sized guitars as presents to our nieces and nephews.

On our most recent trip to visit up north, we got to see one of our nieces that we gave a 3/4 sized Strat look alike to. She is 6 years old and likes to perform, dance, sing, draw and do magic. While watching her play, I had what you might call an epiphany. What I noticed was that she did not have a problem remembering basic guitar chords, but she did have a problem forcing her fingers around the neck into the proper positions on the neck of the guitar. Simply put, her problem was hand size and not smarts. she reads tabs already.

guitar chords for kids

Basic easy guitar chords for chldren

With that in mind finding a method of education for a child is paramount in the success of learning to play guitar. After plenty of time looking at online guitar lessons, this particular course has terrific guitar lessons for beginners, and people with small hands or children, on 20 dvds with an excellent guitar lesson book. My preference is for video guitar lessons, check all of the recommend ones out and make your best decision.

My point is that lots of adults are small people and don’t have regular full sized hands. They may have a ton of experience, yet never actually played a guitar that fit them well. >That is the difference between a beginner with full sized hands and an experienced guitar player who is not large enough to play a big guitar. Putting it in terms you understand, ‘beginners’ chords and ‘children’s’ chords are different. If you are not comfortable when you play the guitar, than it is nearly impossible to get the results one may obtain by practicing effectively.

The basis of calling certain chords ‘children’s chords’ is centered on the size of ones hands and the ability to play a comfortable guitar that one can execute properly the material that they want to play. So, realistically speaking, I’m interested in providing easy chords that sound great and are less complicated inversions of the mandatory basic chords mentioned in this article.

It’s very elementary, it’s is a reflection of hand size, not ability. There are lots of smaller sized guitars available that have every bit the tone and quality of full sized guitars.

Talent level has nothing to do with your physical size. Essentially, what GPC is advocating is playing chords that a small person can comfortably position their hands for,… Note: as a ‘beginner’ progresses and gets used to using their hands in this manner than more advanced stage three chords can be achieved... Being comfortable and relaxed is part of the discipline of playing the guitar. A smaller person will benefit too by being more comfy while holding the proper sized instrument.

Perhaps to many kids start playing a guitar that is too big, therefore causing frustration and pain to set in. Realistically speaking, too big of a guitar is just as big of a hurdle to cross as not being taught the correct beginners guitar chords. Choose your guitar and teacher wisely.

Guitar Players Center has plenty of high quality guitar lesson reviews that cover guitar chords for all, including people and kids with small hands. We hope you follow the text links and find out how much fun and personal gratification comes from playing the guitar.

23 Responses to Guitar Chords for Children and People with Small Hands

  1. This article was so interesting, Danny. It also explains some of the problems I’ve had in my life with guitar playing…I am a small person and should get myself a small guitar!

  2. Bravo Danny, I know your niece is going to love these chords.

  3. Well done, Danny! I’m printing this tonight so Linda can do a thorough read and help Emma with her chords. Your observations so right-on! Emma is really happy you’re taking this interest in her effort to develop musically. I think other parents and their children can really benefit from your blog.

  4. Ethan, thanks so much for your kind words. I agree that the size of a guitar has nothing to do with skills or smarts, but it sure can make a small person enjoy more. Send me some more suggestions for kids and small folks. thanks again Brother of mine.

  5. Do these chords sound the same as the other ones though?


  6. So they sound the same as the other chords right?

  7. I’m 31 years old, 5’1″ with very stubby fingers, and I can play these! Thanks for writing this article! Full size chords were making me sad. Now to figure out minor variants, etc…

  8. Thanks I will send this to my grandson.

  9. He’s so cute… I remembered my childhood years like him my father thought me on how to use the guitar, it’s a bonding for the two of us while my mom prepared our foods. That’s really a memorable moment with my father. I really missed them there. I cannot forget the lessons my father thought me especially using the electric guitar.

  10. These chords and suggestions are perfect for the little folks. Don’t let people tell you that your kids are too young to learn to play. You know your child best. If they have interest and a willingness to try, they can learn to play these abbreviated chords. I have taught 6 year olds for years. They only end up taking the lessons for a few months mostly because they have small hands and cant progress to the “bigger” techniques and concepts, but they still have fun. I tell my younger students to learn these kind of chords and then to come back when they are older and bigger. Many do return at 9 with an increased love for the guitar ready to progress.

    • I could not agree more with you. It’s all about learning how your child receives information in the best way.
      You can’t frustrate a kid with big challenges. Success is key for kids.

      Thanks so much,

  11. The chords you have posted for C and G are incorrect in that you have suggested to play the D string over the C chord and the A string over the G chord. These notes do not belong within the chord but only as extensions turning the chords into ad2 chords. I have been teaching these basic shapes to beginners for years and use only the three high strings for c and the 4 highest strings for G

  12. Guitar effects pedals and strings

    These partial chords work great for small kids. I use them for 5 years upwards and they feel like they are playing proper guitar while avoiding frustration of stretching too far across the guitar neck

  13. Lifted Lead Odunsi

    I love dis i wish to av more of dis as CDS or Hand out.Thanks.

  14. I am confused by this, please explain. I do not see a place to “open the Chart”

    “After you click open the chart, pick the song/s you are interested in. Do a Google Search for the free ‘songs name‘ and pick the guitar tabs version of the song you want to play.”
    Thanks Delilah

    • Click the text link. If it does not open let me know and I’ll send it as an attachment in email. “Click on Chart to Enlarge and Copy.”

  15. First, thanks for your time and quick reply. I am trying very hard to play the guitar but cannot get the chords ( small hands syndrome).
    I can “Click on Chart to Enlarge and Copy.”
    Is there suppose to be more? There is only a picture of a music chart.
    You state:
    After you click open the chart “PICK THE SONG/S” you are interested in.
    I am sorry I can see nothing more than a picture of a chart.
    I was really excited about getting songs with your revised chords for small hands.
    Is this something I can find. I have google searched but get nothing.
    Thanks again,

  16. Tahmeed Shahriyar

    Although the chords are handwriting but i very much appreciate this.Thank u.Hope u will do much better further.

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