Exactly what do these two historically unique world changing products have in common? Lots if you want a biased opinion.

My only passion is not just playing the guitar until my hands hurt or my family and dog. Oh Man, I left out my deep passion for the greatest sporting franchise in the history of sports, The Washington Redskins NFL. This is life my friends.

Yup, I’m a biker from the age of five (Not A Clubber). My dad let me mess around a build some of the oddest and unsafe two wheeled vehicles ever. What a nut! I had a great childhood. My whole life has been pretty darn good. I’m very mechanically adept, I can do surgery, of-course I give discounts because I don’t have a medical license!

Enough of that. I’m a purest. That being said, As Fender Guitars changed the world of music, with the Stratocaster vibe having been copied over and over, the real deal is only guitar for me. It’s my vibe. With minor exception, all of my guitar influences play a Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster.

Even Jimmy Page played a Tele on occasion. You know Buddy Guy started all this high performance string bending blues stuff that is so addictive. You should know who Buddy Guy is. He is a living legend, still giving regular concerts, even into his early seventies. He plays a Custom Shop Stratocaster too!

Everyone knows Harley Davidson is the original and still the only American motorcycle company left. Born in 1903, they have endured the test of time and still can’t make enough bikes for all in desire. Harley is one brilliant, out of the box thinking company. Every other brand of bike has struggled over the years to be like a Harley. Particularly in looks and sound.

My theory on Harley wanna be bikes and bikers is that they really want a Harley but can’t afford it. Ask anyone riding a copy of a H.D. about their bike. Inevitably they might expound on the virtues of their bike and why it is better than a Harley. That is O.K. What happens if you asked them what they would own if their bike cost as much as a Harley. A Harley of course!

Take a look at a beautiful White American Stratocaster with chrome hardware and take a look at a beautiful White Harley Davidson and its chrome and stainless hardware. If you can’t see and feel the vibe, then you’re hopeless. You need to get !978 White Harley Davidson Lowridersome emotions and a little voodoochild and rub it on you.

Both products represent true American icons. They define what our country can be proud of and wreak of the glory each company has donated to society. Playing a Strat arouses my emotions and brings out my best vibe. Just looking at a White Clapton Strat gives me an internal feeling of ” that is me”. Your guitar is a personal extension of yourself.

White Harley’s have the same effect on me. I can hear one a mile away, sorta like I can pick up on a Jimi Hendrix song in a confusing over noisy area. One more thing about Harley’s. Lots of folks think they are too slow. Most HD bikes can go plenty fast. The beauty of a Harley is that it turns going slow into an art-form!

Talking about two of my favorite subjects can get out of hand and may never end. I look forward to a better America in the near future. Enjoy.

Note: Red (you know, my dog) and I walked for about 2 hours this morning thinking about this article.

I know that their must be someone who disagrees with me, and I look forward to your words and wisdom. Kindly Stumble It or Share It. Comments are great to. Guitar Players Center is committed to bringing a different slant to the world of guitars.

7 Responses to White Fender Stratocasters and White Harley Davidsons

  1. cute article, lots of fun. thanks

  2. Well my world wouldn’t have been the same without a white stratocaster, that’s for sure.
    The world was so fortunate to have the perfect guitar design so early on in electric guitar history.
    Nice article – made me 🙂

  3. Great article. really love the way you compare the stratocaster and the harley–they really do share a lot.

    All Hail the Redskins!!

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