What is A General Guitar Article?

Posted by: Daniel R. Lehrman Posted in: Guitar Articles

Specialization has invaded the guitar world. Is there really such a thing as a general guitar article? Well, like medicine, the discipline itself has become so specialized it resembles the main question most people ask when we need medical attention. What type of specialist or doctor do I see? Confused?

Guitars, guitar players, guitar lessons, guitar reviews are just a few of the categories or specialties we can break our guitar vibe into. Obviously, there are many more specialties related to the subject at hand. In most cases it is a major achievement to hone in on exactly what interests you. Without getting a vague or rerun worn out answer that misses the point.

I spend tons of waisted time doing my research, reading almost exactly the same information as everyone else has given. When, actually I am looking for different options and answers for my question. It seems like sometimes I can’t find the answer in a sea of fungible information.

One of the goals at GPC is to get involved in the unusual, particularly the unusual aspects related to guitar players. One of our other goals is not to write the same repetitive stuff every one else does (I think this sentence is repetitive!). How many times has someone asked “Who is the Top Guitar Player Ever?” as the subject of an article? Lots! We all know it’s Jimi Hendrix!

I don’t want to beat a dead dog. This is a guitar article. I don’t have a special catagory for this subject yet?!?! So we can put this one in Guitar Articles”.

Can anyone remember their first time they jammed with other musicians? I bet you do even if you won’t admit it. Well I remember my first jams well. I sucked, I had good knowledge and instruction, but no practical usage in terms of playing with other folks.  What a hang, and you thought you would bring the house down by yourself.

I will always remember mine. I will continue this in the Guitar Article section in my next installment. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to What is A General Guitar Article?

  1. Thanks, Danny. This is what this ol’general stummer needs. Great stuff!!

  2. How true. Playing with other musicians reveals areas we can improve on and is is lots of fun also. I’m lucky enough to play with people who are willing to play down their own skills to help others learn.

  3. Good point!! As technology advances, it’s hard to keep up to date. Thanks!!!

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