As BTO would say ” Taking care of business and working overtime” is what I’m doing today. From the Bachman Turner Overdrive-11 Album. When I woke up and I found out it was Carlos Santana’s birthday I knew I better get to it.

Carlos Santana

He is 61 today. It’s wild to think he is only six years older than me. Carlos Santana was new and fresh when he came on the scene. He made an instant impact on me and a lot of other people. Carlos was already a great player when hit the scene. That is a lot of what attracted me to his vibe, but his tunes and lyrics were really catchy and we spent a lot of time kicked back listening to Carlos Santana.

What impresses me the most about Carlos is he never stopped playing. He kept producing new albums and improving his chops. Not to many guitarists in the world can say they have Carlos Santana’s tone. He is a picky dude when it comes to tone. He has his preferences in gear, it’s his way or the highway. Simply put, Carlos is an icon in the music world. His music seems generation less, everybody vibes to Carlos Santana.
Since it’s Sunday, I’m going to refer you to a good solid biography and gear he used in Wikipdia.

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2 Responses to What a Surprise, It’s Carlos Santana’s Birthday Today

  1. Oh hey, I used to listen to lots of Santana too. It had such a cool latin vibe, Now the latin vibe is everywhere, Carlos was the start of my appreciation for that. His guitar playing was very so soulful too. Thanks for your article.

  2. It’s the hat.

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