This is My Type of Music Therapy…

Posted by: Daniel R. Lehrman Posted in: Guitar Articles

I gotta busy day, so this will be short. To put it simply, I need some music therapy this weekend. As I work on the big black Harley Davidson being reconstructed from the ground up, or fix some guitars, you can bet I’ll be listening to this type of music.

When I sit down to play the guitar, I will grab on of my electric guitars and play Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan music almost exclusively. On what? Either my Voodoo Strat, Eric Clapton Custom Shop Strat or my upgraded Mexican Strat. But you probably figured that out if you read my blogs regularly.

All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy some of the music that is pure therapy for me. Have a good weekend.

Jimi Hendrix “Red House” #1

Stevie Ray Vaughan “Mary Had A Little Lamb”

Little Feat “Fat Man in The Bathtub”

the Radiators “Oh Beautiful Loser”

Joe Bonamassa “I Don’t Believe”

Please feel free to comment and make any suggestions to Guitar Players Center on how you feel about the artists represented and who you like to listen to. Enjoy.

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  1. Nice set of songs you’ve got there, Danny!

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  5. “This is My Type of Music Therapy… ” – yes it is. And the older I get, the more my music taste is changing. Minus some of the music played today, I am listen to all music…especially if there is a guitar being played. I am even going back and listening to all the music that I said that I would never listen to…Like Elvis.

    Another great post and even better Music set list.

  6. Acoustic simply means that it is disgened to produce sound without electricity. Classical guitars are nylon stringed acoustic guitars, although the exact shape, size , materials, and construction techniques vary from steel string acoustics. If the smallest strings are steel it is not a classical, if the smallest strings are nylon, it may be a classical or a Folk guitar. I love classical guitars’ sound and ease of playing and primarily practice on them. They are easier to play and sound better, to me, than steel string acoustics. You can get a bit more volume out of a steel string.I’ll try to find you a chart or list of different acoustics and give you the link below.

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