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Air Guitar has been played by non guitar players for as long as electric guitars have been considered the ultimate instrument of expression for rock music through acting, as in, an actor, and not really being a guitar player. Like the guitar players we love and consider our idols. But what was previously a hobby (acting, not guitar playing) to be pursued at home alone in front of the mirror or behind closed bedroom doors, now is acted out on a public stage in front of thousands of people. The craft of air guitar has several schools of thought on how to present your vibes.

Note: The 13th edition of the Air Guitar World Championships will be celebrated on 20-22 August 2008. In Oulu, Finland. The US entrant is DC’s finest, Hott Lixx Hulahan, will be representing the USA at the World Air Guitar Championships for the second time in a row, the only person to achieve this rank, ever.

The act of playing Air Guitar, allows the freedom of expressing oneself and giving in to the magic of music. However, it has been clearly shown during the past decade of the Air Guitar World Championship that different governing Schools of Air Guitar exist among the competitors and their performances,

It should be noted that Schools of Air Guitar change with the coming of new Air Guitarists, when their original style and spirit change the path the craft will take in the future. Therefore this presentation of classical schools is only a formality. Every beginner in the field of Air Guitar should look into themselves and find the inner rock star within.

Air-tistic Guitarology School:

The school has a very abstract approach to Air Guitar. Playing Air Guitar is considered a form of meditation among some air philosophers. Letting yourself go with the flow in front of thousands cheering Air Guitar fans is truly a gratifying acting experience, an inner battle to beat your fears and finally free your mind. Or accordingly, let’s not forget the importance of facial pilates.. no solo is authentic without a display of emotive grimacing!

Pure Air Rock ‘n’ Roll:

Purveyor’s of Pure Air Rock ‘n’ Roll swear in the name of technical skill. The school gives credit to authentic imitating of guitar playing and comprehensive rock attitude. It’s all about acting as real as possible.!

Simply put, an imaginary guitar, or the air guitar is the master’s instrument, and his art-form is to look/act as cool and rock star-like as possible while ‘playing’.

School of Air-extravaganza:

This school has clear connections to the glamor rock influences with dazzling clothing, bold moves and a show-off attitude. Get your Kiss albums out and learn to do the tongue deal as you perform! However, do not let the self important appearance and camouflage fool you, the Air Guitar still requires charisma and stage presence, which is acting.

Future of Air guitar:

The latest form of Air Guitar Schools combines the act of playing the Air Guitar with original, even weirdo elements that necessary aren’t rock music related. A couple of examples I looked at included the performances of The Destroyer (2005)

Michael "Destroyer" Heffels Air Guitar Champ.

Michael "Destroyer" Heffels Air Guitar Champ.

and the outrageous Belgian Ron “Bucketbutt” Van den Branden (2004), who took the stage wrapped in foil and with a rubber glove on his head. The future of Air doesn’t have any restrictions and gives freedom for Air Guitar imagination. Just beware of not over-doing it, believe it or not, too much out of box improvisation might distance you from the audience.

Finally, it is said that “the purpose of the Air Guitar World Championships is to promote world peace. According to the ideology of the Air Guitar, wars end, climate change stops and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar. This is why the whole universe is invited to play the Air Guitar for the world peace at the end of the competition.” unknown author.

Unfortunately, Guitar Players Center does not consider the act of Air Guitar anything like playing a real guitar. Acting is the keyword here. Because without a guitar you are just acting the part. I’m not trivializing being able to act. Air guitar may be quite entertaining, but it is not even close to the discipline of really playing the guitar. That being said, Thanks and Enjoy.

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  3. Very funny Squara. I am always stunned to hear about air guitar competitions occupying some place bigger than my little brother’s bedroom. We have way too much time on our hands.

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