Run-DMC could “Walk This Way” into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The 1980s rap act, along with Metallica and the Stooges are among the nine nominees for next year’s hall of fame class, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation announced last Monday.

The other nominees are guitarist Jeff Beck, singer Wanda Jackson, Little Anthony and the Imperials, War, Bobby Womack, and disco and R&B group Chic, the only nominee back from last year’s ballot.

Left off the ballot were Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bon Jovi, though both had been eligible for the first time. To be nominated an act must have released its first single or album 25 years prior.

The five top-rated nominees will be announced in January and inducted April 4, 2009, in Cleveland.

The ceremony is typically held in New York but will be returning to Cleveland after an absence of more than 10 years. Tickets will be made available to the public for the first time.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five opened the door for rap at the Rock Hall as the first hip-hop act inducted in 2007. Now, Run-DMC, nominated in the first year of its eligibility, has the chance to follow on the strength of rock/rap blends such as the 1986 cover of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” and classics like “It’s Tricky” and “My Adidas.”

Metallica jumped on the heavy metal wave of the 80s and 25 years later is still selling out arenas. This month the group released Death Magnetic, which marks a return to its early speed metal days.

The Stooges with Iggy Pop, recently given props in the film Juno, get another shot after last appearing on the ballot two years ago.

More than 500 musicians, industry professionals and journalists vote on the inductions.

Personally, I have a problem with leaving out Stevie Ray Vaughan. Anytime the subject of picking inductees to the Hall of Fame is talked about, no matter what Hall of Fame, including The NFL football Hall of Fame or The NBA Hall of Fame, it is full of politics and poor choices by people who make the decisions.

This applies to competitions, shows and events that require judges of some sort. Especially if the people who vote are volunteers, meaning unpaid. I don’t care what the guidelines are and how clearly defined they may be in terms of making the correct choices, it is simply impossible to make the correct choices if the choosers are not paid. Paid professionals should make the choices based on set criteria.

I have mellowed a little bit as I grow older. Harley Davidson’s are one of my passions. Lots of folks told me many times that they felt I actually enjoyed building them more than riding them. A statement that is probably more accurate now than ever.

For over 20 years my wife and myself would attend Bike Week at Daytona Beach Florida in March. FYI, we have not been in 5 or 6 years now, and my reasons for that are another story. My ego was very competitive and somewhat swollen back then. Every year from 1985 to about 1990ish I would enter one of my ‘bad rides’ in ‘The Rats Hole Chopper Show”. Widely known at that time, and may well still be the biggest and most prestigous bike show in the world.

To shorten this up, the folks who judged your bikes were actually the top three winners from last years show. It took about 5 years to figure out, but these volunteer, unpaid, non professional judges were extremely biased to the type of bikes they liked. Meaning, if last years winner had a red chopper, than you had no chance of winning if your bike was not red. Needless to say I quit showing my bikes once that was figured out. In retrospect, I always came away with a trophy of some sort.

To get into any hall of fame requires some horn blowing. People also need to go to bat for you. Especially if you are not alive. I can see it in the pro football Hall of Fame. Players who deserve to get in, don’t. A lot of it is politics and personally blowing your horn to draw attention to yourself.

Now I see it in The rock and Roll Hall of fame. Obviously SRV can’t blow his own horn. Having a fair idea of who Stevie Ray was, at least the person, he would never tout his virtues. Stevie Ray was a special kind and gentle soul. He had a special humility about himself and was a total gentleman. He probably did more for many other careers than his own. Modesty was his nature.

What an outrage to Stevie Ray Vaughan and his loyal followers. Ray reinvented the blues as we know it. He was also one of the greatest, talented players ever. It blows my mind and disappoints me that he was overlooked. Do we really need a cheering section to get the people who deserve to be in The Hall of Fame? Make if fair, hire qualified judges who judge by the book, not by their personal likes and dislikes.

That is our feeling at Guitar Players Center, and we will stick to it. Got anything to add? Or don’t you agree with us? Let me know. Enjoy.

9 Responses to Rock Hall nominees: Run-DMC but not Stevie Ray Vaughan

  1. I agree 110%!!! That seems to be the way it is. Not much is fair in life. It seems the only way to get what you deserve or what is truly due you, is to raise a little heck or jump right in and take what you want.

    In SRV’s case, the fans need to raise a little heck to make sure he gets what he deserves!!

  2. It is an outrage, and I can’t belive we have people following such crap as “Dancing With the Stars” when so many of the true “stars” are left out and not get what they deserve.

    Stevie followed a dream and led others to greatness just for knowing him. His musical talents far exceed most of what we have out there these days, those I can’t even name because their music isn’t in the league of our great blues musicians that get looked over.

    It seems it’s usually who you know and who you…

  3. I’m going to write the R&R Hall of Fame and perhaps start a petition.

    Did you know Guitar Shorty was discovered on The Gong Show?

    Stevie will stand next to Jimi someday, lets hope we can help.

  4. I am in shock that they’d leave out SRV!!!

    But all hail the Redskins anyway…

  5. I think given Stevie’s humility and his generous nature he would not have minded waiting past the first year he was eligible for the r&r hall of fame. I think too that he was so big and so awesome we all know he will get in. It seems fitting that we are left to wait a while (wherever his consciousness is now, he ain’t sweatin’ it.).

    Congrats on Redskins schooling the Cowboys.

  6. The above commentary is beautifully stated . I would add also that Stevie’s influence is so wide ranging that its possible to hear the influence of the style he created in almost every guitar-driven song by an individual or group .I am not a fan of the “idea” of a RHOF (is there a painters hall for Van Gogh or Piccaso)but since there is , induct only the truly deserving!!! The hall does itself no credit whith this kind of foolishness !
    Ask any musician already inducted that they think ! Not one would say he’s undeserving .In fact some that are in are ridiculous
    They could still get him in with a special posthumous induction which would’nt break their silly “rules”
    Rules and Rock n’Roll ! thers an oxymoron for you .

  7. You seem to have completely ignored the fact that Jeff Beck is on the list. As good as SRV was Jeff has done much more to advance rock guitar albeit with little regard for commercial success. His Truth album is generally accepted to be the the blueprint for Led Zepplin which came later. In the seventies he released two highly successful fusion albums. He’s capable of playing almost any sort of music (his Crazy Legs album was rockabilly) and he continues to push the barrier in terms of technique.

  8. give steven a gh3
    is make it for him

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