Possible Hurricane Tonight?

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Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane Jean

We live in Florida and simply put, after going through the hurricanes Francais and Jean in 2004, we will never take a hurricane lightly again. Once you have been through a hurricane that leaves your town wrecked, I mean like what you see in the newspapers. Roofs ripped off houses, hence, “blue roofs (tarps)”, buildings pounded into small pieces, flooding, trees blocking roads, no power for a week and total mass destruction, never will you joke about a hurricane again.

At the time I owned a car transmisson shop (26 years) which I sold two and a half years ago. It took $80000.00 bucks worth of damage, three giant bay doors blown in and 55 gallon drums of transmission fluid knocked over and countless parts damaged, including being looted.

Our house faired better, but after chainsawing trees on our acre of land for weeks, I could care less if I ever touch a chainsaw again! We were lucky, we had great insurance, some folks were not so lucky. We also have a propane generator(environmentally green) that powered the essential stuff, television (direct dish rules), guitar stuff, refrigerators and freezers and our well pump.

We don’t expect to get hit, except for some rain (we need rain) and mild wind, but we can’t help be on guard. Since that time in 2004, we have stayed prepared for a hurricane by simply wire/cable tying the hurricane panels under the windows they cover for fast installation and keeping plenty of canned goods and 20 gallons water on hand. Oh, and a freezer of buffalo meat and real free roaming chickens. Yum! We eat our veges and fruit too!

That being said, hope the best for Guitar Players Center, however, we expect to be here blogging tomorrow. Thanks and Enjoy.

PS. We were just put under a storm watch at 11AM EST.

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  1. Sheri Hilliard

    Love looking at your site. Met you at the surgery center weeks ago. Would love to get together with you and your wife after the storm passes.
    Sheri, RN

  2. Make sure the guitars are safe!!!

  3. Thinking of you . Stay safe.

  4. Hope you are safe and well.Keep it tight 🙂

  5. varun, We are wet and had more wind than predicted, but not much damage. Thanks, Danny

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