Old Folks Boogie…

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“Old Folks Boogie”, written by Paul Barrere of Little Feat came to mind the other day at the rehab center my Dad is at. While he is still not a well man. We expect him to come home in a few weeks. Modern medicine is unbelievable.

The song itself is a funny yet an accurate description of an ‘old folks’ home.
Listen for yourself:

I have always loved this song, it has humor and truth at the same time. The line “you know you are over the hill when your mind makes a promise your body can’t fill” always made me laugh. It ain’t so funny now that I’m 55 years old!
What blows me away is how accurate their observations are in terms of an old folks or rehab homes. Such young men knowing and vibing us up just like they were in one once. Maybe a mental institution, but not an old folks home! It makes me think Paul Barrere or Lowell George went through what I am going through at one time.

Truth being told, the attendants, doctors and rehab workers are all so kind. It is obvious they love their work. The home itself is alive with all sorts of entertainment and suitable activities to keep the assisted living folks occupied. My dad is in rehabilitation, so he is ‘working out‘ so to speak. The rehab center is for temporary residents, as opposed to the assisted living where people actually live there permanently. I noticed they have an activity every day which includes a band, (no guitar player) on Saturday, where about 50-75 “ wheelchairs locked arm in arm” to listen and groove to the music. We know music is good therapy.

My mom is good, rattled, but healthy and solid of mind. I want to thank the folks at the rehab center for doing what I did not think was possible, get him stabilized and help him rehab, all with love. I want to thank everyone of you who gave him good Vibes and Mojo, it is working. I received the highest compliment ever from a few old friends and my sisters, that I look like my dad and think like him too. Nothing could make me feel more positive about myself than to be like him(and my mom). I play the guitar for them. Not that they are Stevie Ray Vaughan fans or Jimi Hendrix fans, they are Danny fans.

The next blog here at GuitarPlayersCenter will be a picture of my log. The raw uncut log I managed to come by for my build a guitar project. Stay tuned for some pics and information on the wood and why I choose the type I did, Enjoy.

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  1. Brilliant lyrics!!! Thanks for reminding me of them

  2. Beautiful!

  3. John Lee Williamson

    The Original “Old Folks Boogie” was done by Al Simons with Slim Green and the Cats From Fresno I think it was produced By Johnny Otis! it’s Way Cool too! John lee Williamson

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