Lets Review Our Scales and Chords

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While I’m out of town and have less opportunity to write about guitars, guitar players, guitar gear and guitar stuff in general, I thought it may be a good time to brush up on your scales and chords.

No pun intended, but I practice what I preach. Being out of town is not an excuse to put down my guitar. I love to practice the guitar and play the guitar. So I have had a tremendous amount of practice time up here (it is in the 20 degree zone, Florida boys stay inside in this weather!). Including a trip to the Rockville Maryland Guitar Center.

As usual I went to the “Platinum Room“. Most of the guitars in the room cost at least 3500 bucks, up to over 50,000 clams. I played several Paul Reed Smith guitars but only one 1962 reissue Fender Stratocaster. Why only one Strat? Well, I fell in love with it. And after about one and a half hours of picking on it I had to go home for dinner. I have the utmost respect for PRS, Gibson and the other excellent guitar manufacturers, but I was meant to play a Strat.

To top it off, I played through a Dumble Amp. If you never heard of them, I’m not surprised. The cheap ones cost over 5000 bucks.

Here is a list of past articles to brush up on concerning scales and chords.

Guitar Chords and Scales Tutorial Catagory-Start with The Must Know Essential Chords and Scales, including Advanced Chords for more guitar players

An array of articles including Guitar Lessons and Effective Practice Techniques and Methods to live by.

Use yor practice time wisely, I always warm up by going over my chords and scales. It is good for your hands to warm up and good to reinforce your scale knowledge too. I recommend that you do the same. We are advocates of this knowledge at Guitar Players Center. Become the best player you can be. Enjoy

6 Responses to Lets Review Our Scales and Chords

  1. GREAT POST. I know what I will be doing when I am home from work…Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Mike.
    I like your site too. Gonna give it a good check out.
    Take care

  3. keep on practicing. hope the thumb isn’t blue anymore!!

  4. for me personally to become routine and consistent rather difficult. Keep going..

  5. “I always warm up by going over my chords and scales.”

    Good Advice and a nice site.

  6. I really love to hear from you!! Its fact that if we keep practicing these guitar scales, we could make the music as great world.

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