How many reasons can you think of to give a guitar as a gift? As a gift you can cover a lot of major bases. Some are subtle reasons that we don’t always consider, but may be just as important as the obvious reasons. It’s important to mention that the computer game Guitar Hero 111 is on base to sell over one million copies for the XMas season, for gamers this is almost as good as playing a guitar and can lead to playing the guitar.

The obvious choice, start with a beginners guitar or beginners guitar package and lessons to someone for the pleasure of learning to strum some chords and some songs, just to have some fun. Perhaps it may be a particular guitar that someone special craves. If the lucky person has a guitar than some gear or accessories are perfect gifts. Regardless, there seem to be more guitars and gear at really affordable prices this year than any other year in the past. It also is a fact that guitar players love gadgets to add to their inventory of equipment. It never seems to end! Everyone loves the guitar player!

Playing the guitar and taking some quality guitar lessons (either over the internet or at a local music school) have enormous benefits in terms of improving your mind. These activities increase I.Q. and make use of both sides of the brain.

One cannot deny the power of music and playing the guitar. Many parents start giving their children music lessons at an early age, and a growing body of evidence indicates that this training bolsters their math and problem-solving skills. These parents know that music propels our culture forward. If you want your child to be culturally well educated, then you want him or her to study and listen to music. High school students who study music have higher grade point averages that those who don’t. These students also develop faster physically. Student learning and listening skills are also improved through music education.

Note: One thing that needs to be considered in giving a guitar , gear, guitar lessons and apparel as a gift is that you can buy it online. Saving wasted gas and time going from store to store and not finding what you want and getting poor service help. If you don’t know what type of guitar to buy, than giving a gift certificate is a great idea. Realistically speaking, most leading Musical Instrument and Guitar company’s have competitive prices and return policies that make it a piece of cake to exchange guitars or other musical items..
The primary objective of Guitar Players Center is to put a guitar in everyones hands. The underlying reasons a person takes up guitar playing may seem superficial, but they are significant.

This is the time of year to buy. Get free shipping and wonderful prices and return policies as you get Vibed into the guitar scene this year and get a boost on your mental happiness, leave the “blues” behind and get smarter.

I noticed this deal earlier today. It’s a great way to start playing the electric guitar. And it comes with everything you need to start playing. Check it out now. Let me know if you like it. When I see deals like this, it is my responsibility to let you know.

What guitar are you looking for?

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  1. Great site and really useful information! I got to musician’s friend from your site to make our holiday gift purchase. Thanks for making my purchase easier.

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