Ever know a guitar player who did not have a passion for guitars, accessories and gear? Most guitarists are passionate about music and improving their vibe. It never ends. A challenge you can’t meet.

When it comes to guitar gifts, there are many good choices in all price ranges and many reliable online retailers to buy from. It can be difficult to sort through them and find just the right guitar gift. You know you don’t have to wait for the holidays to give a gift. I hate waiting for a holiday to get a gift. Make anytime of the year the right time to give a gift, especially if your emotions compel you to reward someone. Why wait, the best time to reward someone is when they deserve the reward, not only for holidays.

We have boiled it down to the premium retailers such as Musicians Friend and Guitar Center and will provide you with specific suggestions based on the experience level of the guitar player. All these products are popular brands made by premium level manufacturers that offer excellent warranties on their products. Keep reading to see listings for many great guitar gifts and accessories, beginner packages, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, amps and guitar effects gear.

Tips & Suggestions
The top things to consider in choosing guitars and gifts are experience level and genre of music preferred. Learning products are at an all time high in terms of technology, make this a consideration, I love the vast array of tuition materials available. It’s not very subtle to ask what your recipient would like and just taking a guess may produce the wrong item. Although a wrong item can be returned for exchange with no problem.

Guitar Players Love Gift Certificates.
Guitarists go nuts over gift certificates. A gift certificate gives your player the ability to sift through tons of items and choose exactly what makes them happy. Personally I love to get a gift certificate. Any time of the year!

Gift Certificates: Send an electronic email gift certificate or send a paper one through the mail. You choose the price range and then you won’t need to do any more worrying about what to get. I have included some suggestions below if you already know what to get or you are feeling bold. Remember, any time is a good time for a gift certificate. You don’t need to wait for a holiday. Apparel and accessories such as guitar straps, picks, stands, capos, guitar cases, strings, tools and care kits are great items to buy with a gift certificate.

Gear: One of a bunch of appetizing pieces of must have guitar gear. The New Line 6 Floor Pod – Now In Stock – Just $199.99 outperforms most multi effects processors that cost two to four times as much. It has the ability to dial in many different amp models (16) and effects (16) without having large quantities of equipment cluttering everything up. All this sound is literally at your finger tips. The sounds are unreal and all created by one handy little unit. Realistically you can’t go wrong. It is very unusual to find equipment that performs so well for such an very affordable price. Saving a ton of money buying this gem allows you to apply the difference to more gear. Nice!

Guitar Value Packs: are a great way to start someone off. Young or old, everything is in the pack that is necessary to begin playing the guitar. Here are two excellent buys, one is a full electric guitar package and the other is an acoustic electric guitar package.

Lessons & Tuition: Guitar lessons and tuition products are great gifts for the aspiring or intermediate guitarist. I can’t get over how many tuition resources are available over the internet. These are my favorite interactive tutorial sites that have lessons and tab. I probably spend to much time at the tutorial sites. Every one of them has a different and helpful vibe. Don’t fool yourself, not to many guitarists get to be really good without good lessons.

Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars and Girls Guitars: Lots of guitars. The type of guitar to buy is very personal. The reason so many guitars are produced is because of the massive array of musical tastes. It’s a very personal decision and therefore more difficult to choose a seasoned player a guitar. Without knowing for sure what to get, again I would recommend a gift certificate. Let the recipient enjoy browsing through all of the terrific online stores and choose the guitar that impacts them. Here are several very mouth watering guitars taht I consider top notch. Although there are more models and brands of guitars than you can imagine that are not mentioned, but are viewable.

I have to suggest an Eric Clapton Strat. It’s the finest crafted and most versatile guitar I have ever handled. Nothing I have played feels or sounds close. Period.

I would recommend any guitar Luna makes. They specialize in Girls Guitars, however I loved playing the Muse, I highly recommend this jewel to everyone who plays acoustic guitars. Super affordable also.

An Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Electric Guitar is a steal. Epiphone which is owned by Gibson makes a great looking and sounding Les Paul Standard for one fourth of the cost of a genuine Gibson Les Paul standard. Most people can’t hear or see any difference, in fact lots of professional guitar players play Epiphone Guitars.

Amps: As my article on amps reveals, an amplifier is truly a great value and gift. Tone is the goal, an amp is very personal, maybe a gift certificate is the way to go here. See what amps are recommended in the article as super values.

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