Free Guitar Tools: Electric Metronome and Tuner

Posted by: Daniel R. Lehrman Posted in: Guitar Articles

Can you beat a metronome? Probably not. It takes years of diligent practice to beat a metronome. The paradigm here is that it is vitally important to keep perfect time if you play the guitar. Especially if you want to play and interact with other musicians.
It seems to be a natural tendency to speed the tempo up, especially without a metronome or some type of timing device.
The drummer Snare Drumin a band usually keeps time, the bass player has a responsibility too. In some bands the drummer has an ear mike with the beat going right to his/her ear so the timing is kept perfect and steady. I use a metronome almost all the time when I practice. And, I practice 2 hrs a day or more most of the time. Once you get used to it, you can’t go back!
Another cool vibe that I like is an electronic tuner. I am not into tuning forks, there just doesn’t seem to be the need for them anymore. Especially with the excellent electronic tuners available at most online guitar stores. One reason for a tuning fork is if you are on a deserted island or in a third world country with no computer or you are just plain old stubborn. And I respect that if you are.
Enough, with that being said, you can find an interactive tuner and metronome at GPC. The tuner is easy to use and is accurate. It can make a steady tone for the string you are tuning or it can make the same sound as the string would make if you picked it.
The metronome is very useful. It is a basic metronome if you want. It also can produce some interesting additional noises at prescribed intervals for more advanced users. Such as bass drum, snare drum, crash cymbals, hi hat cymbals. You get the idea. Add your own beat or save the beat that you created and enjoy.
If using these tools is a new strategy for you, please take your time and don’t become frustrated, both are easy to put into use, especially if you are young and your brain is still developing. It’s made for old dudes to use too, so it has to be easy to figure out.
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9 Responses to Free Guitar Tools: Electric Metronome and Tuner

  1. Hey there, that’s a cool article, only I wanna say that if the power was out in your house and my house you would be playing out of tune, and I would be in tune. Sorry, I am one of your hardcore stubborn proud of my ear readers. thanks

  2. Hey Danny. What do you know about perfect pitch (now that you’ve talked about maybe not always so perfect rhythm)?

  3. You don’t have to sorry, that is a great point Adina. However, almost all electric tuners and gear have backup batteries just for that purpose. Good thought and thanks for mentioning it.

  4. SN. I know everything about perfect pitch!
    Any other questions? Thanks Danny

  5. If power was out in my house I probably would not play the electric guitar so much. I might play my acoustic as long as I tuned up with my BATTERY operated tuner.

  6. Want to tune your guitar from your mobile phone?
    I am part of a team that did a university project in early 2007 on this subject.
    We actually created the first platform independent (java2ME) mobile phone tuner for all java enabled
    mobile phones that actually tunes your guitar by using the microphone to record your tones.
    A trial version is available as a free download at

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