Just a few weeks ago I purchased a used Epiphone Valve Junior Amp head from my friend Allan. You know, the Allan that built the
Walnut Stratocaster. I also took advantage of a factory-b speaker cabinet on sale at Musicians friend. Don’t forget you need to purchase a speaker cable, not an instrument cable to go from the amp head to the speaker cabinet.

The Epiphone Valve Junior Half Stack is a genuine tube amp, with a 5 watt rating. That was part of the beauty of this amp. Five watts from a tube amp is more than you might expect in terms of volume. This makes it ideal at home in the garage. I can turn the amp up to 3 o’clock on the volume and get it cooking, it gives me more than enough volume to entertain or humor the neighbors without being to offensive, as my Peavy Classic 30 is too loud for that purpose.

Don’t be fooled by it’s five watt rating, it makes plenty of noise. I was told by Buck, at Bucks Guitar Modifications that some people use two of these five watt amp heads for professional gigging. Buck is a mountain of technical information, man can he ejaculate a mouthful of jargon I don’t understand at all! Buck is good egg too, check his site out. He is fun to jam with also..ummmm, I think it was Buck that told me about using 2 stacks,. It may have been Allan though. Buck and I just turned 56 and Allan is 58, so we are sorta confused a lot of the time, having been raised in the ’60’s!!!

The amp head and cabinet provide super clean sound. The clarity is unreal, it starts to get a little dirty at 2 to 3 o’clock. The cabinet uses a 12″-16 ohm Eminence speaker. Both the amp head and cabinet are well built and fashionable.

Most of the time I plug my Maxon-9 OD pedal up to it. BTW, the Maxon overdrive pedal is the same thing Stevie Ray Vaughan used. It was called an Ibanez Tube Screamer at that time. I like the vibe with the Maxon O.D. and a delay pedal in the line too. My tendencies are to run all the controls at full blast. Using the guitar controls as Jimi Hendrix did to control volume and tone.

My Marshall ECHOHEAD (EH-1) is broken again, the second time in less than 2 years. I think it is a piece of junk, but that is another story in itself. Excuse me, I mean I’m going to call Marshall and discuss this issue in a calm matter with them..

FYI, This amplifier does not have an effects loop. Normally I would not buy a guitar amp without an effects loop. The affordable cost and super sound of this setup was why I purchased it. No regrets at all.

Guitar Players Center reviews may be biased. You can go to a local Guitar Center and try one. Or you can take my word for it and access Musicians Friend or Guitar Center through my site and buy one online without leaving home. Enjoy.

PS. Anyone have some suggestions on a delay pedal?

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  1. Hey Danny, so glad you’re having a great time with that little amp. You should try some P90’s through that thing, I’ll bring a couple equipped guitars over next week for you to check out. Maybe the mahogany P90 strat I made. I’ll look in my tube box and see if I have some other EL84s in there, might give a different sound, too.
    3 o’clock on the volume was my favorite setting, too, just enough grit, and cleans up nice with the volume control roll off.
    Warn the neighbors that we’ll be blowing the dust out of your garage with sheer volume next week!!!

  2. hello all. can anyone help out with schematics/wiring diagram for a peavy milestone bxp bass? any help would be appreciated. cheers ken

  3. hello all.can anyone help with a problem im having with a practice amp? its marked up as a mega amp intergrated guitar amplifier gl-15. when i plug it in it buzzes. conecting a guitar it sounds the same. i think its a problem with the input jack but a second oppinion would be a help.it has volume,treble,middle and bass pots. overdrive switch. input and headphone jacks. i have opened it up and cant see any obvious problems. it all seems new inside (no dust or muck) any help would be appreciated. (my kids are using my 200w amp to practice) please help before i go insane

  4. Ken, I don’t think I can offer any assistance, but it does sound a lot like a ground loop of some sort. Could also be a cold solder joint somewhere. Is the amp new, or did you get it used? Either way, were you able to try it out before you bought it? And was it quiet then?
    I’m not familiar with the amp, is Mega the brand name?

  5. hi allan. i bought the amp of ebay as used/untested. i think it is one of the chinese mass produced things. ive seen lots of almost identical amps for sale with differend ‘brand names on them’ but with different speaker grills/buttons on them but they all have the same gl-15 model numbers. to be honest i think it has a manufacturing fault. i have tried outher suggestions (faulty lead etc)im convinced its a faulty jack plug but i will spend half an hour runing a soldering iron over all the joints first. thanks for your help mate. take care ken

  6. To test for a faulty jack, I would use your cord and a volt-ohm meter and test the positive and negative from the cord to the jack for continuity.

    It might be that you have to bend the positive lead on the jack to make a good connection.

    I highly recommend buying the Tom Mitchell Book – How to Service Your Own Tube Amp – the basic theory works with Solid State.

  7. I’m curious about something. Have you tried the cab as an extension for the Peavey Classic 30? I have the VJ head, as well as a Classic 30, and was wondering about buying the VJ cab as use for both.

  8. Mike, as long as it’s 16ohm it wouldn’t cause a problem. Might sound very good with the Classic 30, too.


  9. Yeah, the Lady Luck speaker is definitely 16ohm, I was just wondering about the sound itself. I put a Weber Blue Dog into the Classic 30 which I think greatly improved it. I guess I’m looking to kill two birds with one stone. Thanks for the input.

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