Why Does The Guitar Player Get The Women?

Posted by: Daniel R. Lehrman Posted in: Girl Guitars

Realistically it goes without saying that there are a lot of differences between what men and women want. Thus, since sexual attraction is generally generated across this valley, there are a lot differences between what men and women find sexually attractive.

So, men are attracted to women. That being said, how does this explain why the guitar players get the girls? Certainly someone has noticed that  even somewhat ugly guys, that may play in less than main event bands, seem to date more women and better looking women than their looks or bands would seem to dictate

There is a giant body of evidence  arguing that this conclusion does not work in reverse. Men do not appear to find female musicians, guitar players in particular to have the same magnetism or to be as attractive. My evidence for this is almost entirely without any scientific documentation. Personal observation only. Since, I am not available or interested (26 years married and happy) in being a test subject.

Because of my guitar background and education, I have even heard one of my teachers tell the younger guys ” the girls love a guitar player” as a motivational ploy. Usually the student comes back next week being able to play like Steve Vai!

In fact, the number of companies that manufacture girl guitars has increased by leaps and bounds in the last 5 or 6 years, starting with Daisy Rock Guitars. Additionally, many of the well established companies such as Fender and Gibson have added exclusive girls-women guitar lines. Easily available at many online musical instrument stores.

Darwin made a proposal in his theory of evolution that social skills, such as being able to play a musical instrument, could be one of the requirements for selection as a partner. The easy answer may well be that displaying guitar virtuosity is one of the human equivalents of a bird spreading his feathers, one could make an argument  that many musicians have a particular dress code both on and off stage. However, this does not really explain why male musicians, who in many instances show a more feminine side, are found to be more attractive by many women.

To become keenly aware of this phenomenon, one only needs to frequent a local establishment, that has a band playing at that time and observe. Additionally, many guitar players look better at closing time!

Then again it may only be the larger than life stage presence which a lot of women seem  attracted to, off stage you’re just another weird looking dude!

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7 Responses to Why Does The Guitar Player Get The Women?

  1. Because there are is a “unique mystery” behind the musicians.. the way their passion for playing that six strings comes to the surface!

  2. Guitar players get all the women because everything they do strikes a chord. 🙂

  3. Thanks for a womans point of view! My wife like guitar players, fortunately I’m the one she likes.
    I’m learning “Lenny”. What a great slow love song. It really hits my heart.

  4. Big Mike Holliday

    It has to do with ability, stage presence, and the fact that instead of a male chasing a woman, now the woman has to compete for the male. She gets to be the hunter instead of the hunted so to speak. I have a video on You Tube of me playing guitar and it’s doing very well. Go to You Tube and type in Big Mike Holliday and observe how I also come off as the myterious outlaw cowboy dressed in black. The women like this also.

  5. I do not agree with any of those absurd theories!!!!! It is not necessary for a man to be a “guitar player” in order to…be “hunted” by a woman, ha ha!!!! It is not so decisive, because sexual attraction has its own peculiar and mysterious rules and ways that nobody really knows!!!!! Sorry for my bad English, I am an Italian girl and I can say that I like MUSIC or MUSICIANS just for the pleasure of the Music itself…if I wanna chose a man, I prefer to listen to him when he speaks to me, to explore his mind and thoughts…ability in playing a guitar is less important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ciao, elena

  6. Thank you Mr Lehrman, it’s a big relief to me! Maybe I exaggerated with my anger against all those sexual allusions, after all music is also a wonderful source of fun and joy…but I sincerely hope that very soon women can show all their artistical attitudes … and this is already happening!

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