Roy Buchanan Played the Blues for Life…

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Roy Buchanan may be the most emotional blues guitar player since Jimi Hendrix. He is also perhaps the greatest player that is not so widely known. Watch and listen to the first two videos of Roy Buchanan. They give the background of why Roy’s early life, his dad being a sharecropper in Arkansas, and why he could literally feel and express the blues so well. The last two videos simply put, are pure, beautiful soul moving blues guitar playing. Many people consider him the greatest Guitar Player ever. He certainly ranks up there. Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan pioneered the Fender Telecaster sound.

There are a few fairly advanced techniques that were Roy Buchanan trademarks. Whether he actually invented them or not is unimportant. He should get the credit for being one of the first guitar players to use pinch harmonics. He also made excellent use of volume swells. Other than his unquestionable skills and internal feelings his ability to bring the raw emotion out of his instrument to a point of feeling his pain was made due partly by his life filled with much misery and difficulty.

I am a Washington D.C. native, we moved to Fl. in 1979… Roy Buchanan was from Virginia and Danny Gatton (born in D.C., lived in Maryland) and George Thorogood grew up near (Delaware) the D.C. area and all three cut their teeth in the D.C. bars and nightclubs. Well before we moved to Fl. and long, long before GuitarPlayersCenter was created some wild and crazy teenagers had no idea that they were partying their asses of to some acts that would make it big someday. We had a great time, I’m probably lucky to remember so much of it and have made it through alive.

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  1. Hey Danny,

    Roy Buchanan is another of my favourites. And you’re spot on about the emotion he brought to his playing. Sadly he died a proper blues death, too.


  2. Saying someone is the most emotional blues player is saying a lot!

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