Rickie Lee Jones, Wonder Women at 54 years..

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Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones

Just the mention Rickie Lee Jones, born born November 8, 1954, in Chicago, takes me back a way, remembering her as far back as the time she cracked the music scene in 1977. We simply fell in love with her voice and songs. She always seemed to have the best musicians in her bands. I can’t list all of the who’s who of musicians that backed her in her first albums, it is really mind blowing, Buzz Feiten played the guitar for her in several albums if that is an indicator. Randy Newman on sythesizer and Dr John on keyboards. She also wrote “Easy Money” for the late genius Lowell George of Little Feat on his first and only solo album.

I would be B.S.ing you if I told you I kept up on her career after the ’80’s. The most accurate and un-biased description of her entire works and life is Wikipedia. Take some time to read about Rickie Lee Jones, she is quite an amazing woman.

Her first album was the bomb, every song was so excellent, it seemed like every song was my favorite song if I was listening to it at the time. The album was simply called ‘Rickie Lee Jones’ and the song that my wife and I liked the most was called “Danny’s All-Star Joint”, which was about her brother ‘Danny’.

If you read my blogs, you probably know that I owned and operated an automotive transmission repair shop from 1981 to 2006. We named it ‘Danny’s All Star Transmissions’. We knew that was the right name immediately, the name never got old and when people asked me how I choose that name, I had a chance to promote Rickie Lee a bit.

As I write about the great guitar players, musicians, singers and composers I find it interesting that most of them were in my age group, as Rickie Lee is. Funny that at the time It never occurred to me that they were my peers. Never did I consider that they were my age or only had a few years on me. FYI Stevie Ray Vaughan (RIP) would be 54 years old if he were alive today.
The Guitar Players Center’s staff (me) picked a couple of choice videos to watch and get to know her, please read about her in the Wikepedia link provided above either before or after you watch the videos. Let me know what you think. Thanks andEnjoy.

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  1. She looks great. Will have to give a listen to hear how she sounds!

  2. oooohhh I love Rickie Lee Jones, and I love her Easy Money tune.
    Thanks Danny.

  3. Hi Jhonny, I agree with you. There is some sparkles in her voice that always attracts me. A real diva!

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