Life throws a few curve balls at you here and there. Some are good and some not so good. I had a curve ball thrown at me last week that has, until today prevented me from sharing my pearls of wisdom, or perhaps just an overload of trivia and misinformation with you. I’m am also working on the slowest computer known to mankind!

My Dad is not feeling so well. it’s not terminal, but a 90 years old, sometimes situations occur that require some help. For me, it is more than a pleasure to be able to give something back to the people that have supported me for 55 years. Now I can gladly return a fraction of the favor. To put it in the nicest way possible, I was exciting to raise. Nothing dull about bringing me up. I got the right stuff from my parents and am gratefull for that.

That being said, my sister lent me her laptop to use this week, and even though it is not an Apple computer, I’ll forgive her and thank her. She and her family are very special. I am a member of a special family. No religion or politics involved here, they are simply the best.

My main intention today is to say that I will be going to Guitar Center in Rockville Maryland and playing all sorts of guitars, especially guitars and gear people are interested in and make requests for. It will be a tough job, but I am the man/person to do it!

While I have a few extra moments I wanted to thank some of the folks I have met and become friends with over the internet through our blogging. The order of which is not a reflection of who I like the best. Well, lets exclude family, they are # 1 to me.

Jeffrey Smith of SEODesignSolutions is a super person, but more importantly he is a brilliant SEO designer/strategist. His help has gone well beyond any amount of money we exchanged. His absolute brilliance and relentless and out of the box thought patterns are a key to my growing success. He seems to be one step ahead of the other SEO specialists. I say this meaning no disrespect to the other terrific strategists.

I want to say hi to Susie of soul-to-soul. We have a really close vibe about life, and anyone who loves Srevie Ray Vaughan and understands his vibe is O.K. with me. If I were you, I would check her site out for many reasons. Simply put, as soon as you see her site the reasons will be abundantly clear. Susie, talk to you soon.

I want Kenny at Fretboardmag to know I will do you justice in my reviews, especially Epiphone guitars. Kenny knows what I’m talking about when I say I will do him justice in the review department. If you want to know why, go to his site and ask him!

My good friend that authors for Guitar Flame blog, yo Bro. keep up your blogging and I want you to know you are my inspiration for writing a basically non guitar blog, thanks.

My other sister who lives in Ohio is one of my biggest supporters(not phsically) and sometimes fixes my syntax, or more commonly known as grammar. She is really smart, and it’s good to surround yourself with smart people. And to make sure she keeps an eye on my work, she is also very pretty! Thanks Sis.

We, meaning my wife and myself brought our dogs with us, as they are our kids and of cource the best dogs in the world. My wife is my main vibe in life and the one person I need in order to keep my Jimi HendrixStevie Ray Vaughan powers alive. She loves me to play the guitar for her(she is quite a player herself) and is my greatest supporter and life partner. She is way smarter than she needs to be(sometimes that is a problem!!) and a prety darn foxy old lady! 

I don’t know why I’m so fortunate to know so many great folks, but I don’t care why, I just enjoy and give back when I can.  I wish this vibe on everyone.

To be realistic, I should start my regular blogs again Wednesday at the latest. I expect them to be a little different due to my temporary environment, so keep reading.

In fact you can sign up for a free subscription to the GPC blog and never miss a thing.

Thanks so much and feel free to comment. As you know Guitar players Center is committeed to bringing the most accurate reviews, cool upgrades and unusual guitar information that is in your best interests. Thanks and Enjoy.

4 Responses to Remember The Special People in Your Life, It is Never too Late To Say Thanks

  1. Hi Danny,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope your dad makes a good recovery. He’s very lucky to have a son like you. I look forward to reading (and linking to) the reviews of the guitars you play in Maryland. We SRV fans must stick together!


  2. Truly beautiful!!! You’re the best!!!

  3. A very beautiful post, you are a lucky person for having such a great family, family keeps us on track when hard times come…

    Also, thanks for the credits, I also like your blog very much and read it as often as possible.

  4. Where is the Kleenex? This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to, or about me. Your words will dance on my soul from today til the end!

    Your parents raised an extraordinary man –

    Ironically, I was on a forum and someone mentioned SEO Design Solutions as a resource, and I put a post in there about your loyalty to Jeffery and how you speak volumes about him. I clicked the link to make sure it worked, and ironically you had this post!

    Things happen for reasons – I also still have a Jimi & Stevie waiting to be shipped to you!!!!!

    I hope you shook the walls and brought down the house at Guitar Center. I played a SRV Strat at Guitar Center in Austin, got a pic to prove it, but the sound coming out, was not anything I would like to remember!

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