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Thank goodness for good friends. During a week when the Redskin’s lose and then we have an important election the next day, my brain a needed a boost. Well I opened my email and low and behold I had an email from Allan that stimulated my mind. He found these pictures and sent them to me.

The Guitars of Jimi Hendrix varied in brand and style until he settled on the Fender Stratocaster as his instrument of choice. The gallery pictures above are of a Stratocaster he played at Monterey. The paint job on this model is an example of the originality Jimi displayed in terms of how he liked his weapons painted. It is important to note that he mostly played white Fender Srtatocasters.

Generally speaking he would have a painted guitar in his arsenal when he played a big event. Another interesting point is that many of his painted guitars he did himself. On the spur of the moment, depending on his emotional vibe at that time. For most of the performances these were the guitars that got set on fire and broken into little pieces at the end of some of his concerts.

This particular paint job is still available through Fender and a number of after-market company’s like Ed Roman. You know that Ed Roman the devil. He copycats more than few unique and expensive guitars, claiming they are just as good as the original for less money. Ha. When I get one I’ll call Fender and order it. Or I’ll call Allan and we will make it ourselves. Realistically speaking buying a guitar just because someone claims it is better, even if it cost less is not for qualified buyers. Qualified buyers know that #1. cheap is cheap, you get what you pay for, and #2. maybe you should play it first to make sure you like it!

I’ll guarantee that if Allan and I built our own Monterey Strat, we would not save a penny over buying a new one from Fender, not even counting the months of labor. The parts add up brother. Although, this is a worthy project that I may under take someday.

One last thing about Jimi, he could play any type of guitar he was handed. In reality he could make music on any guitar from electric guitars to acoustic guitars. Stevie Ray Vaughan said it best “Jimi did not just play the guitar, he made music”. Enjoy the pictures and subscribe for free to Guitar Players Center Blog so you can have our posts delivered right to your door.

6 Responses to More Jimi Hendrix Guitars

  1. That is an awesome guitar. I wish I had the money to purchase a real one. I am embarassed to show up in the studio with a 200 guitar. Not because it is junk, but because people like you that can afford a real instrument are making me look bad. haha.

    Beautiful Pictures. I just got a credit card, so i can get a real axe. You got a good tele for sale?

  2. No, but Guitar Center will set you up. Go and play some of them. It is a lot of fun

  3. That is the guitar John Mayer plays now. You can see it in some footage if you search for “slow dancing in a burning room” on Youtube. Just learned it a few days ago. Gorgeous!

  4. anybody know a place where i could get this same artwork done on my strat?

  5. greg dalton

    how much is that cause hendrix and mayer playing it, i want!

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