As a student of the guitar, I have just ended my fifth year of re-learning how to play the guitar. I have used just about every form of guitar lessons available. I’m 57 years old and decided to restart to play the guitar after a 36 year layoff. My first guitar lessons were exactly that, guitar lessons for beginners, from a highly qualified classical guitar teacher. Jimi Hendrix was why I stopped playing the guitar in about 1966, and Jimi Hendrix is why I choose to take adult guitar lessons for beginners [Feb. 2005].

I’m not exactly the school type of person. I learn on my own quite well. Generally speaking I’m leery about taking online guitar lessons. After a short stint with private instruction [two years] I realized that my teacher was a great guitar player, but not much of a teacher. That was really the beginning of my education.

From that point I used plenty of free online guitar lessons with a lot of success. But I always hit a certain spot where I needed more information or wanted to ask a question. That meant I had to join an online guitar lesson site that uses videos, or I was SOL. So, the good stuff was not free. It is a sales tactic of sorts, I was not buying into it at the time.

Anyway I’m a chronic practicer. I love practicing, because after about 20 to 40 minutes, it turns into playing the guitar. I did it the old fashioned way. Listen to a song over and over, and study the solos until they were burned into my memory. Sometimes I read the tabs so I can see where the ‘response and call’ is. I learned a lot and became a solid intermediate guitar player.

Finally I gave in and decided to examine online guitar courses. I found out it’s not an easy decision to make. With so many sites selling guitar lessons, and half of them selling the same thing. I was really confused. The only solution was to try some of these courses out.

So I tested out the top online guitar lessons, including video guitar lessons and guitar lesson DVD’s. Both are viable avenues, although I like the video guitar lessons better.

There are about 5 guitar lesson websites that have all sorts of online guitar lessons. I have them all listed under guitar lessons for beginners. My favorite online video guitar lesson site is Guitar For $14.95 per month it was cheap enough. Here is the reason I found Guitar Tricks to be in my best interest.

I do not want to give any website or teacher all of the credit because as I said, I’m a really diligent worker and the harder the task the more I want it. However, I had a major breakthrough the other day and part of it was because of one of the excellent lessons on Guitar Tricks.

My first lessons were in soloing. I know it’s hard to believe. Believe it or not, if you went to a major college with a music conservatory, or music institution with guitar instruction, for a PHD. You might be taught scales and their usage first, which is soloing of sorts. But we don’t want to go through a 4 year program, all most of us want is to learn to play the guitar as a fast as humanly possible.

That is backwards from the methods used for internet or online guitar lessons. Ones that teach guitar the fastest way. Yet, the online video guitar lessons have served me well. And, let me add that 70 percent of guitar players learn from online video guitar programs now.

My breakthrough was changing keys while soloing while playing to a 12 bar blues backing track in D#. I tune down one half step. Unfortunately, I can’t show that particular video, it is for paying members only. You can read my Guitar Tricks Review first, and then go to Guitar Tricks and read more about soloing. This link will take you to the entrance page for soloing and a solid description of what is the lesson consists of.

Adult Guitar Lesson: Learn to Change Keys While Soloing

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  1. When I listen to music, some of the passages that hit me the most are the ones in which the music changes key!

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