Internet Radio Surprised This Guitar Player

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Once I discovered Internet Radio my lust for Guitar Music became fulfilled in abundance . It is no secret if you are a regular reader that my passion is The Blues. My mind is hard wired for the blues. I find the notes in the blues scales and theoretical structure to be extremely appealing. I also like Rockabilly. Who plays that on the air anymore?

Not everyone is addicted to the blues. Thats where internet radio outperforms every other form of radio known to mankind. What ever your musical addiction is, internet radio has more genres of music and radio stations listed under the different genres of music than you can believe. I don’t care what your specific vibe is.

I’m not a fan of free radio at all, unless you like to hear the same worn out crap that they play everyday, mixed with more commercials than music. How often do you turn the radio on to one of your favorite songs? Especially if you like Bulgarian Church music?

I’m not knocking Satellite Radio either. It’s a great choice. SIRIUS Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio are a big step up from free radio and have at least one great asset that even Internet Radio can’t boast of. It’s not feasible or realistically possible to carry a computer everywhere. In fact some places don’t get a computer signal at all. That being said Satellite Radio does have a lot of positives.

Internet radio is like niche radio. what I mean to say is that if you like a small niche in the world of music (such as Bulgarian church music) than you can find your particular niche. The blues is not really very popular on free radio, satellite radio may give you one or two stations of the blues. Internet radio has more blues stations than my mind can comprehend. Each one caters to a different niche of blues.

You got Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, Texas Blues (SRV) and more. I have a personal favorite station that has my niche of blues playing 24/7. It’s called Bandit Blues and my niche is Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Thats all I need.

I have a subscription to Live365. Live365 is your avenue to commercial-free music. Hear 5000 Online Stations on Live365: Listen to thousands of stations programmed by people like you!

Bandit Blues plays Stevie Ray Vaughan or extraordinarily gifted players most of us have never heard of that play the Texas Blues Vibe, mixed in with some of Jimi Hendrix himself and lots of artists that play great versions of his music. Bandit plays a lot of artists that influenced Stevie Ray, guitarists I love and influence me. T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy, Albert King and essentially all of the music that completely pleases my brains music center.

Don’t underestimate the assets of Internet Radio. Some folks set up their houses with wireless speakers, allowing radio reception through out the house without wires. Neat, eh? And, needless to say the variety of music offered is unmatched. Don’t take my word for it. Try it free for 5 days. you will be convinced then.

Another thing I do as a guitar player is play to some of the songs on Bandit Blues Radio. When you have a steady flow of music you enjoy playing and listening to, using the radio as a tool to learn and get comfy playing your vibe becomes more natural. Sometimes I sit and play my Stratocaster to SRV and all the various artists I love. It’s a great vehicle for learning. Niche Radio as I call it.

Live365 is the Largest Internet Radio Network in The World. Engage yourself for 5 free days and tell me I’m wrong. Professional CD-quality digital streaming audio,
“Plug and Play” ease of use: no downloading, no waiting.
It’s music on demand!

Note: I get so distracted listening to Stevie Ray or Jimi Hendrix. I had to turn the radio down while I wrote this article!!

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6 Responses to Internet Radio Surprised This Guitar Player

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this. Several people have mentioned it to me…but I go do it now. I never listen to music on the radio (other than Bulgarian Church music) because the stuff I like is impossible to find or on at wierd hours…..

  2. Love internet radio. Try — has the blues, jazz, New Orleans, zydeco.

  3. Re: “My mind is hard wired for the blues.”

    You and me both, Danny. Ans I couldn’t think of a better way of putting it. From the first day I learned to play all I really wanted to do was play BB King, SRV, Clapton. And thanls for telling us about Bandit Blues – you’re spot on about Internet radio.

  4. Bill Furner


    The above tune is one that I sung and played years ago:

    Called The Bike Race

    Bill Furner
    Marin County, Cal

    Guitar Fingerstylist

  5. Thanks Bill, I’m going to check this out asap. Take it easy

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