I’ll Talk To You On Monday..

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Gone to Maryland to see my family, and parents in particular. My dad is a lot better now, which makes me feel better. He is only 90 years old. My mom is fine, in case you wondered!
I will return every 2-3 months as long as we are alive. It is my pleasure to help the people who raised me and put up with me for 55 years. I am a product and example of them, entirely. Everything about me was put there by them. I am eternally greatfull for that.
That being said, on Monday or  Tuesday, I will give you a TRUE story about meeting the son of the man who invented the Wha pedal and Microfret. What a mind blower.
Thanks so much to everyone who subscribes to my blog and reads it. I promise to bring even more exiting articles with less spelling erors in the future.
Guitar Players Center, myself (Danny) is chomping at the bits to start to blog on Monday. Oh, I’ve been playing my niece’s acoustic guitar for a week and having a blast. I’ll be glad to play my Clapton and see my wife of 27 great years, dog(of course)when I get back. Take care and enjoy. Danny

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  1. Can’t wait….miss talking 🙂

  2. Your wife of 27 years is a dog? hahhahahaha nice typo.
    Your Wife (woof)

  3. What, are you making fun of me?

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