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Jimi Hendrix, March 31, 1967 London AstoriaJimi Hendrix WorshipIt’s been confirmed by Jimi Hendrix‘s Estate and Museum that several of his tracks will be appearing in the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour. Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s sister and overseer of the late guitar god’s estate says that after originally having some difficulty locating a tremendous collection of master tracks ( perhaps, this deal’s been in the works for quite some time?), the tracks have been found, and promptly made available to Neversoft, the maker of Guitar Hero. Four of the songs to be used are Purple Haze, Foxy Lady, perhaps “The Wind Cries Mary” & Little Wing. Janie says of the deal “Guitar Hero really was on the ball and and they were stomping at the gates to get this out this year, so, we just accommodated them…Jimi enjoyed games as a kid — he definitely would have played these games”. Perhaps!

Well what do you think? Maybe we should all get the Jimi Hendrix guitar Hero game, we want to play like him, but realistically speaking, maybe Guitar Hero is as close as most folks will get to playing the guitar. I don’t buy it and I won’t buy it. I am a guitar player, I don’t play computer games. I spend my time diligently practicing methodically to reach my goal. Caution: try not to overdo it because Hendrix’s music is difficult to play, sore wrists seem to be a common ailment when playing Jimi’s unorthodox style. Practicing smart in regards to your hands, fingers and wrists is critical to a guitarists health.

Correct me If I’m wrong, as I mentioned , I have yet to experience (no pun here) a guitar video game, and I don’t care to. But for me, with my real Strat, when I play a phrase or several measures or a whole song where my pure instincts and raw emotion take over, that is the best feeling in the world. I’m zoning at that point and nothing else in the world exists or matters.

Simply put, playing the guitar is not a game to me, however I can see where these guitar video games have a purpose in terms of entertainment. A burning desire has consumed me since the first time I heard Hendrix on a replay of a BBC broadcast from England played on American radio in the mid ’60’s. I actually saw Hendrix live later in the ’60’s. Ironically, the opening band was Edgar Winter and White Trash w/Johnny Winter. The most passionate and moving and impactful concert/event ever. More moving than watching the Redskins beat the hell out of the Bills in Super Bowl XX!!, in person in Minneapolis Minnesota. So now you know my two most passionate vibes.

More on attending/hearing/experiencing a Live Hendrix concert soon.

Since I have no game experience, I’m looking for comments and input. Guitar players Center has a desire to know the truth from folks who play both a guitar and guitar video games. What is it like? Do you learn anything? Are you a better guitar player for it? Or is it jut a money making ploy designed to keep kids at home, safe and sound and out of shape? Comment and spill your guts to GPC and our readers.


10 Responses to Experience Jimi Hendrix on Guitar Hero

  1. Guitar hero and rock band are pretty good games no doubt, but as a guitar player, i’m starting to get tired of hearing, “Oh I kick ass at _____ song on guitar hero.”

    Pick up a damn guitar and learn the real thing before showing off to your friends your lack of skills in life.

    I hope they don’t do that with these Hendrix songs. No one should really defecate on these beautiful tracks…although I’m somewhat excited to play it.

    Eh. It’s bittersweet.

  2. Daniel,
    Thanks for your voice. I agree 100% as you know. I’m playing some Voodoochild(slight return)on my reverse voodoo Strat right now and your message caught my eye. Dude, you and I both know it, gamers are fooling themselves, playing like Hendrix takes years of dilagent practice and tons of raw drive and desire. It ain’t easy, but it is darn well worth the work when your old lady looks right at you when you start to play lead during “Hey Joe”.

  3. Hey Danny, l look forward to hearing about that Hendrix/ Winter Bros. and White Trash concert. Must have been great. I am not a guitar hero player, so I can’t comment on that. Seems like a great way for a person to not learn to play the guitar, or any other instrument.

  4. I agree with the Dan’s–not that I’ve played any of the guitar games…and not that they might not be cool. But, they can’t be the same as the real thing…..

  5. They’re not supposed to be the same thing as the real guitar. Some people don’t have the skills necessary nor the time to devote to actually learning the real instrument.

    Just because you can devote that part of your life to something doesn’t mean everyone else can. Remember that before the next time you shit on someone because they like playing video games, you elitist prick.

  6. I have the game, it’s a fun diversion, but it’s not at all like a real guitar. What it has done is get a lot of kids interested in Rock with a capital “R”. I teach elementary school music, and I give the kids a piece of paper and have them write down their 5 favorite songs and artists. This year I’m getting answers like AC/DC, Zeppelin, Rush, Aerosmith, Hendrix, Queen. Just good classic rock and roll. Two years ago, kids wouldn’t even have heard of those bands much less been fans.

    A lot of kids will never get past the game, but it’s like a gateway drug to a real guitar – some of them are going to want the hard stuff.

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