What I intend to propose is deeper than just eight ways to spend your tax refund. Obviously spending your refund on products like guitars and related accessories using my site would be my favorite way. But, this is about being “green”, not green money, but environmentally green.

Guitars and musical instruments have been proven to increase memory, quickness of thinking, reading and comprehension skills. So yes, to purchase a guitar and take lessons, either at your local music shop or using some of the excellent lesson sites on the internet is both educational and fun. No matter how you look at it, that’s a good combo. Everyone at GPC is a pure guitar player. The more we practice the better our skills become. And that includes muscle memory.

Suggesting that you to research and buy guitars ans accessories online is not new and, thats probably why you came to GPC or are online looking at guitars or information related to guitars. My beef has to do with gas prices. Realistically speaking, it just does not make sense to run all over the place checking every music store for a particular piece of equipment. Most smaller stores don’t have a lrge enough inventory to choose from due to size limitations. Don’t get me wrong, I like my local guitar store a lot, the owner is a good egg and he has a lot of stuff I can use, and generally buy from him. You know, strings, picks and other smaller, generally popular items that seem to be the heart of their income. I don’t think they really don’t sell a ton of guitars.

My suggestion to buy a guitar online is based on the cost of fuels and using as little gas as possible. Now we need to calculate the cost of fuel for every trip. What I mean to say is that why make the oil companies richer? Why make the current crop of people running the country richer? Since they are mostly oil-men, buying gas helps them more than anyone.

In most cases, unless you go to one of the Guitar Center land stores, you will never get the inventory and assortment at a small store. Lastly, online prices are always better, with more competition between stores, largely due to the fact that almost all guitars and related equipment are fungible. Fungible means, “the same”. What? Well, all Fender American Stratocasters are made at the same factory the same way, as are Gibson Les Paul guitars, Ibanez Guitars, Martin Guitars and so on. My point is that since each model is “equal in design”, than why not get the best price and customer service? Some of these stores offer as much as 45 day return policies if you get the wrong item, and sometimes you can find something extra well priced. Easy. Easy. Easy. And Convenient. That is what online purchasing has to offer over everything else. Most centers offer free shippig too.
That being said, let me get down to brass tacks. So as not to be too self involved, I’d like to provide you with, assuming my better half would permit, the items I would buy with the 1200.00 bucks(I hope I get back), and some unbiased items you may enjoy with your tax rebate. Based on max rebates of 1200 clams per couple, here it is.


#1. Fender ’60s Reverse Headstock Strat Electric Guitar Black$999.99 $599.00

#2. Fender FM 212DSP 100 Watt 2×12 Frontman Combo Amp with DSP Effects – $399.99

#3. Hercules Stands GS402B Mini Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar Stand – $29.95

#4. Snarling Dogs Brain Guitar Picks and Tin Box 1 Dozen .73m – $4.99

#5. Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cable 10-Foot Angled/Straight Buy One Get One Free– $34.99

#6 DigiTech DigiDelay Digital Delay Pedal – $99.95

#7 Levy’s Jimi Hendrix Design Guitar Strap Peace and Love – $24.99

#8. Online Guitar Lessons,

Total cost if you don’t need lessons is $1192.87

Un-Biased Guitars and Gear:

#1. Gibson Faded SG Special Electric Guitar Worn Brown699.00 $649.00

#2. Peavey Valve King Royal 8 5W 1×8 Tube Combo Amp Black$249.00 $199.99

#3. Guitar Picks Collection – $1.99 and up.

#4. Hercules Stands Single Guitar Stand with Folding Yoke – $36.95

#5. Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cable 10-Foot Angled/Straight Buy One Get One Free – $34.99

#6. BBE Soul Vibe Pedal – $129.99

#7. Hal Leonard Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Live at Montreux 1982 and 1985 Guitar Tab Book – 24.95

#8. Guitar Strap Collection

Total is $1077.86 plus a guitar strap, from about $25.00 and up.

Obviously my unbiased choices can be substituted with equipment and gear you like. However these are good cost effective choices that bring a lot of bang for the buck.

Guitar Players Center is obligated to share what we consider good solid information and advice. We hope this article has been solid and informational. We are serious about not padding oil companies pockets by buying gas. Take advantage of the online tools at each guitar store. Use them to help make a decision.

We are serious about online shopping. Read our reviews and articles to further your ideas on what to buy. We enjoy comments of every type and encourage it.

Please Share It, and enjoy.

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  1. Brilliant article, Danny!!!!!

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