I’m compelled to answer the second part of the comment on Jimi Hendrix’s Murder.. “All of this makes me think of the crossroad legend. Maybe Jimi made his best deal, and the devil came to get him when his time was up”.

The Crossroads legend and Robert Johnson. Some people say Robert Johnson met the ‘Devil’ at a lonely crossroads in the Mississippi Delta one night and swapped his soul for his unearthly guitar player talents. He was a drifter and when his time came, the devil completed the deal, Johnson was said to go out on his hands and knees howling like a dog.

Is the crossroads hypothetical? Can we prove that the musicians who went to the crossroads all met the same fate? Was Jimi’s manager, Michael Jeffrey the devil himself? Only to die in a plane crash after he allegedly murdered the greatest and most prolific guitar player ever. Was that his due? It was well deserved if so…

Eric Clapton and Cream did one of the first versions of Robert Johnson’s’ Crossroads Blues. Was his suffering due to being associated with the song?

What about Led Zepplin and “The Lemon Song”? The song borrows strongly from ‘Howlin’ Wolf’s “Killing Floor”, which was a song Led Zeppelin often incorporated into their live sets during their early concert tours of the United States. Other lyrics, notably “squeeze (my lemon) ’til the juice runs down my leg,” can be traced to Robert Johnson’s “Travelling Riverside Blues”. Did this have anything to do with the death of ‘Zep’s” drummer, John Bonham in 1980?

After a nice, refreshing video break, lets get back to the point..

One of my favorite songs by Jimi Hendrix is “Hear My Train A Coming“. It makes reference to: ‘I’m gonna leave this town and coming back as a magic man’..He was going to the train station…This phrase suggests heavily where he is going. But Jimi was a Voodoo Child and had the guitar playing abilities and imagination no human had before. Jimi was a great bluesman, his posthumous album “Blues” is the best blues album ever. Several of the songs are direct adaptations of earlier blues guitar players compositions and songs.
Another interpretation of the crossroad hinted at by some blues songs is that point at which a particular road is taken in life.
Excerpt From Wikipedia: Originally the blues “Crossroads” was a literal right-angle crossing of two railroads – “where the Southern cross the Dog” – in Moorhead, Mississippi. The “Southern” was a line of the Southern Railway, sold to the Columbus and Greenville Railway in 1920, and the “Dog” was the “Yellow Dog”, officially the Yazoo and Delta Railroad, part of the Illinois Central Railroad system after 1897. This place is mentioned in a number of blues, including the recorded works of W. C. Handy and Bessie Smith

While Stevie Ray Vaughan comes from a different generation, is it coincidence he died in a helicopter wreck at only 36 years old. What I know is that he died young in an unusual manner for a guy who got his life straightened out..Was it his unreal and unequaled blues guitar playing abilities, or the fact that he played a variety of blues songs written by the artists who allegedly went to or had something to do with an artist who went to the crossroads? He wrote a few of his own blues song too. He made 18 albums in his short career..

I find no definitive answer to these questions. There are so many versions of what “really” happened that night, it is virtually impossible to find any consistent accounts of what really went on at the crossroads. I guess what happened is between the devil and his clients, all the way to the grave.

I wonder how these extra-ordinary, out of this world abilities became them. I don’t disagree with the notion that people with abilities so much greater than the others, at any skill, is not necessarily human/earth like. Meaning, even Michael Jordan had to be born on another planet, like Venus, no other way to explain his unique game changing skills. He did to basketball what Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix and a handful of other guitar players can do. Change the way that particular skill may be, forever. Music in this case..

In closing out this article, I wonder if Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan blues guitarist extraordinaire, went to the crossroads and sold their souls. Both died under suspicious circumstances, both lives ended in their primes. However Danny Gatton made the worse deal, he never got the recognition he deserved..

This is just the opinion of Guitar Players Center. However, it is an opinion, which makes it open for discussion. Please leave a comment or what you think may have happened on the fateful night Robert Johnson started the crossroads legend..Enjoy.

I would like to visit the crossroads. It does not scare me, I’m to old to die young anyway!!

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  1. Each of the artists you mention sacrificed something to achieve fame, or maybe traded normal life for the trappings of fame. On the other hand, other-worldly chops are more likely a function of a little bit of God-given talent and a whole bunch of practice…10,000 hours, we’re told, at a minimum.

  2. I’m going with the talent and whole lot of practice theory in my case. 10,000 hours would be a modest amount of practice time!!

    Thanks very much,


  3. I like the crossroads legend even if it is just modern mythology, It is enduring. It is the way those of us who only play well explain those who played waayyyy better and then left us too early. Thanks for a very interesting article.

  4. Billy Prescott

    I practiced for 20,000 hours and still can’t find chords or play a lick!

    What’s wrong?

  5. I have made extensive study on the crossroads issue for 20 years now and in my opinion YES they did sell there souls for prosperity. Anyone can read the history of the past on this issue. It wasn’t just Robert J. and Jimi H. but many musicians, Accordion players, piano, sax, banjo. In my opinion there are two locations. One is highway 8 connecting highway 1 Rosedale MS. The other location is a crossroads near the Dockery plantaion between Ruleville and Cleveland MS. Throughout history stories of farmers selling there souls for a good crop and having a great crop when the neiboring farmers have drought. Read about Dr.Faust. They made theatrical plays about that one. I am a Guitarist of 43 years @ know people can become extrordinary due to intence consentration and hard work.

  6. I believe you have something here. Remember Rock and roll was “the devil’s music”

  7. Just about every guitarist ever has played at least one of these blues songs.

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  9. A person essentially help to make seriously articles I would state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and thus far? I amazed with the research you made to create this particular publish extraordinary. Wonderful job!

  10. Charles Dean III

    I just realized the crazy freak similarities between JH and RJ and started to look it up. It blew my mind to find out that RJs last record was made 6 years to the day prior to JHs birth, not to mention they died at the same age. Freaky….

  11. I can’t believe people would entertain this total crap about any “Crossroads Theory”. All it does is remove the energy needed to defend Jimi once and for all, (something that was never done) into a zany devil worship theory that belongs in the proper category it belongs in of useless input.

    Jimi wasn’t murdered in the astral plane of satan worship he was murdered on firm Earth overseen by common laws. It is these common laws that the authorities in charge have been desperate to avoid applying in Jimi’s case. Even with a confession and forensic evidence that proves murder the authorities in charge have shown no interest in reviewing Jimi’s death. People who float bizarre Crossroads theories are only assisting those authorities in their evasive purposes and indirectly blaming Jimi for his own death.

    If anyone was going to apply a Crossroads theory in Hendrix’s death it would not be a religious crossroads but a covert one located in the Bahamian banks Jeffery put Jimi’s money in. Those banks were the CIA’s most sensitive secret Cold War Black Ops funding source at the time. Jimi was firing Jeffery and sending lawyers to investigate those banks and what happened to his money in them. Shortly after, Jimi died by covert means in a way only practiced by covert murderers trying to make their deed appear as an accidental drug overdose. The real “Crossroads” we are talking about here is between the mob and CIA through Jeffery and those banks.

    The “devils” that Jimi had a secret contract with were not supernatural but were very real with much more earthly motives. This explains why the British Government is so desperate to avoid processing even the most basic obvious evidence concerning Jimi’s death. People who divert the real causes to crazy devil worship only help Jimi’s real murderers get away with their crime.

  12. Neely Causey-Eck

    I am from the Delta and I have seen and heard of many musicians making the trip. I love the movie, Oh Brother Where Art Thou.” When they pick up Robert Johnson at the crossroads. They did a great job with the characters, accents and scenery.

  13. I truly believe that Jimi Hendrix sold his soul to Satan – the Devil for his musical skills, because he himself said that he had a devil that gave him songs and tormented him. Jesus said that Satan is the god of this world, and the apostle Paul said by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, that Satan is the prince of the power of the air – music and air… Satan is said to have had been given the gift of music – stringed instruments and percussion in Isaiah 14:11,12; and Ezekiel 28:13; and was created to be a worship leader in heaven — Ezekiel 28:18. Satan tried to lure the Jesus into selling out in Matthew 4:1-10, but of course, Jesus did not – He conquered the Devil. Music is spiritual, and there is no way that anyone can get around it —- this is a spiritual world that we live in… that’s why Jesus did what He did [suffered for us on the cross and rose from the dead] to save us from the destruction that Satan works. Jesus said, that Satan is a liar and a thief and a murderer; and that He came to give all that would believe on Him Eternal life and life more abundantly. It is too bad that Jimi Hendrix did not give his abilities to Jesus, he would have been even better… which I know can be hard to imagine!

  14. Thanks for sharing this text and resources its really help full for my interests!

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