Easy Rider

Dennis Hopper never became a super big name actor, but he has a trail of movies you would not believe. Hopper also has a line of awards and credits that would be hard for anyone to match.

But in 1969, Dennis Hopper, a young actor named Peter Fonda and writer Terry Southern, wrote a counterculture road movie.The movie came out at an impressionable time in my life and had a big impact on me because I was young and loved Harley Davidson Motorcycles. I Knew that I would own one someday soon.

The soundtrack was unbelievable and it had a couple of songs off the John Kay and Steppenwolf album, which was a great album in itself.

Hopper directed the movie called Easy Rider (1969), starring Fonda, Hopper and a young Jack Nicholson. The film was a box-office smash hit, appealing to the anti-establishment youth culture of the times.

This bite should wet your chops…

Peter Fonda is “Captain America” in the movie and is riding the Chopper with the USA flag painted on it, the other chopper is being driven by Dennis Hopper.

There is a connection between Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper and music after all. This movie is a GuitarPlayersCenter must see movie. Rent and Enjoy.

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  2. Good post Danny, though I have to say that I’m not Hopper’s biggest fan. Seems like Terry Southern was treated very badly by both Hopper and Fonda over the writing credits for Easy Rider. Ironically, evidence to support Southern’s claim to have written the bulk of the movie came to light because of Hopper’s allegation that Rip Torn pulled a knife on him during a disagreement while they were filming ER (the dispute led to Torn’s withdrawal and subsequent replacement by Jack Nicholson). When the allegation was aired on Jay Leno, Torn sued for defamation and the legal case uncovered several early drafts of the script with Southern’s name on them.

  3. Kenny,
    Nice to hear from you.
    I read something about that knife incident. I did not really follow Hopper or Fonda, but the movie was excellent at that time in my life. I enjoy it for sentimental value more now..

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