All Stand For The National Anthem…

Posted by: Daniel R. Lehrman Posted in: Danny's Favs

Take your hat off and put your hand over your heart.

GPC. Nothing left to say. Enjoy.

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  1. I so knew you would post that today 😉 Happy 4th, Danny.

  2. Dot in DC

    here’s to the man! Happy 4th to all!

  3. Thanks, and Happy Independence Day to you. ;)>

  4. david rosenberg

    hi Daniel, i have had some guitars worked on
    by b.peterson but i don’t know how to get in
    touch with him. i have a couple of guitars now that need work, and i am reluctant to take them to guitar center. one is my brother’s applegate sj with rough fret-ends.
    the other is a mcnaught vintage d.cut with a tremelo bridge (mine) that i would like to have “blocked-off” (making it fixed)- but the intonation has to be adjusted after the block of wood is fashioned and installed- something i would probably not want to do myself. PLEASE, info. would be greatly appreciated. i live in miami- quite a distance from port st.lucie! i visited a friend in Jupiter, and THAT trip took 1:50 with minimal traffic. thanks again.

  5. Ditto #1’s comment.

  6. Kenny, you got my number Bro.It is not hard to figure out.. Hey I’m going to see my Dad again soon and Mom. theer is an Epiphone store who deals with older models and apparently has quite a collection, lots for sale. If you got a million bucks!! He said I could take some pics too.

  7. David, I can help, I am a luthier and have done the type of work you need. i set up my guitars now, Call me and check one out. I learned because I don’t like to wait for Bob. I have all the proper tolls. 772 979 2887

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