Adult Guitar Lessons For Baby Boomers

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Learning to play the guitar as an adult has never been easier.


Adult Guitar Lessons. When I was a child, everything my dad did, I did. Paint the house, he would put a plastic dry cleaning bag over me as to keep most of me paint free. Mow the lawn. Whatever it was, I wanted part of the action. Well when I was about 11 years old my dad decided to take guitar lessons. Naturally I wanted to take guitar lessons too. We took lessons from different teachers, and now I can see why, he was grownup and needed Adult Guitar Lesson

In retrospect, now I can see the madness behind guitar lessons for beginners who are young as I was, and guitar lessons for adults. I was really lucky because we were trained by highly trained guitar teachers and professional players. The quality of education I received was second to none and I doubt that there are very many private tutors available nowadays with those two gentleman’s knowledge and teaching skills.

As a background, these were not electric guitar lessons. I lived in Maryland and what happened was my dad attended a show by a well know jazz guitarist at that time and still well known today. His name was Charlie Byrd. Mr. Byrd died in 1999. Well, my dad asked Mr. Byrd who his teacher was. Mr. Byrd replied that he did not have a teacher, but he had a coach and his name is Aaron Shearer.

Aaron Shearer is the father of teaching classical guitar. Although a terrific guitar player, he found the weakness in the teaching methods of the era and designed what is still considered today the finest guitar lessons program and books.

Anyway, it is quite clear that Mr. Yeatman, who was my teacher and a professional jazz guitar player was unmatched in his teaching skills, since he specialized in guitar lessons for beginners for children and kids, I took lessons from him.

On the other side of the pancake, my dad took his lessons from Mr shearer. He worked better with adults and that worked out for both of us. Even though we were both beginner guitar players, Aaron shearer had a different plan for my dad, than the plan Mr Yeatman developed for me, a kid.

I loved my guitar lessons and always practiced everyday until Jimi Hendrix hit the scene and that was the end of me playing guitar until 2007. Life got in the way. I was 52 years old then and wanted adult guitar lessons. Well, my teacher really knew his stuff, he went to Berklee School of music and can play guitar like any of the great masters, he was in the Jeff Beck category of player. He passed away last March.

Richard and I became best friends, even though I stopped lessons with him over 3 years ago. I did not feel like I was getting what I wanted out of the private lessons and they cost me a fortune to go back week after week and year after year. It was not personal and we stayed best friends until the day he died. RIP Richard Bro.

My search for a quality guitar lesson course for adults ended with a course designed specifically for adults, not kids. I have learned to be a good blues guitar player from much of what Richard taught me and what I could scarf off the internet. I’m a really hard worker, and I love it.

Here is a course I have come across not to long ago, and wish I had found it in 2007. It is for adults, or baby boomers as I am. I got a lot out of Richard, believe me, he schooled me in some techniques which take years to learn and are not generally found in any lesson book.

But, in retrospect, if I had come across this particular adult guitar lessons course back then, I think my progress would have been better, and I would probably have a few more Strats too!
I have no regrets at all, however, let me recommend that you at least check this excellent Online Guitar Lessons for adults course. The input I have received from people who have used this home study guitar course is excellent. And it is free to check out. My comment area works now (I hope) so please let me know what you think.

Learn to Read Tab as an Adult and Learn to Play guitar as an Adult Faster and make it Fun.

                                      Learn TAB with Adult Video Guitar Lessons.

Classic Guitar Technique, Vol 1 (Book & CD) (Shearer Series)

Classic Guitar Technique Vol 2 (Shearer Series)

11 Responses to Adult Guitar Lessons For Baby Boomers

  1. Very cool–different audiences need different kinds of teaching!!


  2. Cheap Guitars

    I had not really thought about it but, you are right. I have one sun that I finally gave up on learning the guitar. He was so dang hard headed(or was that me) anyway it was like pulling teeth to get him to practice. he’s 20 now.

    My other son who is only 8 shows some interest in the guitar but I have been unsure how to proceed not wanting to deter him from learning. I want it to be fun for him.

    I had undoubtedly made the mistake with my first son thinking it did not matter what the age, learning the guitar was the same young or old.

    thanks for opening my eyes.

    Cheers ,

  3. Dorothy Weinstein

    Excellent point! Wow — what an amazing group of teachers you were so lucky to have and to be associated with.

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    Thanks for the comment.

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  8. quality information I will bookmark this and keep an eye on updates. I dont know if my comment is going to pop up because Im not very tech savvy, hopefully I can get this right!

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