A Fender Guitar for The DIYer

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Fender Guitars-Dewalt Tool Division

Fender Guitars-Dewalt Tool Division

Here it is folks, the ultimate guitar. A guitar designed with multiple uses in mind. What if you are in the middle of the perfect jam session and your wife screams at you, “hey you, can you hang this picture for me, NOW”? Absolutely you can. You can even make the picture frame. You could be the lead guitar player in the band as well as the instrument tech. What a great idea, one less person to deal with!

Perhaps you are a handyman by day and play electric guitars by night, no wonder you are at the gig early, you don’t have to go home to get your equipment. Entertain your workers at lunch, put a tip jar out, and start playing your tool-guitar with hopes that people throw a few bucks in the jar! The possibilities are endless with a drill, skill saw, 188 volt battery, with a guitar pick and, drill chuck-key holders built in and, variety of other tools. And it is cordless! Just keep an extra battery charged up. You never know when a neighbor might need a little handy-work!

Little boy with big boys toy

Little boy with big boys toy

When I saw the tool-guitar picture, I instantly a got kick out of it. I hope you do too. When I see how much imagination and ‘out of the box’ thought patterns people have, I get envious. That is one of the beauties of the internet, we see all types of creativity that captures our interests, yet, much of it is beyond my imagination. What a cool way of thinking. If you know of any more weird looking guitars, send Guitar Players Center a copy and story so we can show how creative you are. Enjoy.

6 Responses to A Fender Guitar for The DIYer

  1. Danny – it is amazing the technology that is out there.. makes me feel like, I don’t have a grasp on things!

    This amazed me..

  2. I think you just wish you had had one of these when you were a little rascal…..

  3. Cool stuff!

  4. Ha Ha, Now can you hang a picture for me?

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