Is That a Guitar in Your Pants?

Posted by: Daniel R. Lehrman Posted in: Fender Guitars


Police are searching for a man accused of shoving an electric guitar in his pants and walking out of a store in Lewistton, Maine.

Police say a theft occurred last week and they’re looking for three men. One of the men shoved a Fender Stratocaster in his pants and pulled a sweatshirt over the top. The other two acted as lookouts.

All three men can be seen on footage from video surveillance.

Strangely enough, the music shop has seen the method before. A man did the same thing in 2006 but was caught as he tried to walk out.

AP, From wire reports.

I have heard of this type of theft before. I don’t condone this activity for many reasons, however at least the thief stole a Stratocaser!

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7 Responses to Is That a Guitar in Your Pants?

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  3. OMG-that made me laugh… what numbskulls, but you are correct.. strat’s where it’s at! Telecasters have a nice sound, but there is no smoother sound for blues. Rock on Danny!

  4. wow that must have been one smooooth strat to have slipped down into a man’s pants leg. It is amazing what one will try to get a free strat. I would love to see that video tape.

  5. Fitzgerald

    Too funny. I bet he was walking funny after that. LOL.

  6. That’s a serious love of music (unless the dude just wanted to sell the guitar). I hope the strings pulled his leg hairs.

  7. Love all your human interest stories!! Keep them coming!!

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