Robin Trower is a rock legend. Our little group of four concert goers really scored this week. If you read my columns you know that we saw Willie Nelson on the 11th of Jan. 2008, and that was bionic. Returning to The Sunrise Theatre five days later to see Robin Trower was a special treat.

Robin Trower was born on the 9th of March in 1945, so he is 62 years old. He was born in London, England. Do you remember that he was the guitar player in Procol Harum in the ’60s? Robin not only looks excellent for a man of 62 years, but his overall vibe seems to have gotten better. Some times when I see an old friend they will ask me “how is your old lady?” I usually say ” she is becoming more like herself every day”. My impression of Robin is the same. He has become more Robin Trower like as he continues to do his thing. And that is great!

The Sunrise Theatre is as ever a great cozy and acoustically perfect venue . Most of us there were baby boomers, which surprises me since I frequently meet kids who appreciate the heavy duty rock stars from their parents day. I have original vinyl albums of Robin Trower. His sound is timeless. We need to spread the word and support Robin Trower, the man can easily keep you zoned for a whole concert.

First, for all of the guitar players out there that have to know, let me give you the vibe on the pedals and amps he had on stage. When ever I go to see a great guitar player I push my way to the stage so I can scope out his equipment. I gotta know!

So for all the gear heads:

The guitar goes into a Fulltone Deja Vibe 2 into a Fulltone Clyde Wah into an OCDrive into two Marshall heads, a JM800 of the ’80s vintage and a JMP1705 out of the ’70s. Both Marshall cabinets were Blond Tolex. And finally Robin Trower plays a new Fender American Vintage Series ’70s Stratocaster Reissue Electric Guitar Natural Ash Maple Fretboard. Most likely re-setup to Robin’s specs.

So, did Robin deliver the goods? Man oh man did he deliver. I doubt there was a soul there not floored by his performance. Ya know, back in the ’60s and ’70s a lot of people said that he was a Jimi Hendrix wannabe. To me that shows a real lack familiarity with either artist. Robin Trower has his own distinctive, tasty vibe that has been, in my opinion improved over many years by what I would call a lot of diligent work improving his tone and skills. In those 30 some years, he has become a better player . (My wife doesn’t agree exactly. She feels like Trower was as great the other nite as he was back when he made the Bridge Of Sighs LP, and that there is no improving on that sound. She was thrilled that after all those years he was just as good as ever.)

The main course included many of his classics from the Bridge Of Sighs album, and he mixed in a few new compositions from his newest album. It’s all vintage Robin Trower, magnified. His lack of exposure to the public is a mystery to me, however his continued development may have propelled him into one of the best and most enjoyable guitar players I have ever seen.

He played for about one and a half hours straight. It was obvious he was deeply committed to his music throughout the whole performance. The precision and skills he displayed are only developed through continuous and dedicated work in the “woodshed” and studio. Robin is not a singer, he has a singer who has been with him for a long time and has a perfect voice for the the particular vibe. I am sorry not to have the names of the band members. If you can help me with that information, please comment, they deserve to be recognized…they were excellent.

Robin Trower showed us how much he appreciated our showing up to see him by coming out to the lobby and signing his autograph to anything people asked him to sign, I even saw him sign a surfboard. He is truly a gentleman and fine person. For me that just adds to his aura.

The staff at Guitar Player Center suggests you try buying or downloading some of Robin Trower’s music. You won’t be disappointed. For downloads I use either iTunes Store Music or you can Get a 14-Day free trial to Rhapsody Unlimited then pay only $12.99 per month. or Napster has millions of songs. Try it FREE for 7 days.
For Robin Trower Cds & DVDs I use Amazon. All of the companies recommended have great resources of all genres of music at the lowest prices anywhere. Hopefully more folks can come to know the genius of Robin Trower.

Thanks for reading about Robin Trower, great guitar player. Enjoy, then please Share It with other folks, feel free to comment and add some some unknown facts or trivia for all of us.

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11 Responses to Robin Trower is One of the Greatest Guitar Players Ever.

  1. Oh man, Danny. Thanks for bringing back some memories. Procol Harum. Wow. You ought to do an article on Dennis Brain. They say he was even greater a musician than Jimi Hendrix!

  2. Hey there Danny, I was at that same concert. It was great just like you said…you missed telling about the opening band..Third Stone.
    It was great that Robin Trower or the Sunrise Theatre gave that band a spot. They are a young group with some real promise, and a not yet ripe 11 year old kid playing 2nd guitar.
    I really loved the first guitar player and singer. He reminded me of your all time favorite artist Jimmie Hendrix.

  3. Thanks Man, Going to see Robin at Knocti tonight close to our home in the Hoy City of Santa Rosa and this helped a bit. Saw him the first time at Winterland then 15 years later with my wife-to-be at the Stone also in San Francisco. Can’t wait to dig him again tonight!

  4. Bridge of Sighs is one of my favourite albums of all time. Thanks for bringing back those memories.


  5. Just wanted to respond to the positive comment about the opening band for Robin Trower – If you would like to find out more, please visit

  6. i’m a guitarist and taking nothing from hendrix but robin’s tone and playing ability
    are much better than hendrix. robin trower and edward van halen are my two biggest influences. i would love to see robin trower and eddie van halen on one stage.

  7. FYI, the band members for the 2008 tour are Davey Pattison on vocals, Glenn Letsch on bass, and Pete Thompson on Drums. This is the same lineup now appearing across the US for the 2009 tour.

  8. Schnitzel Heathen

    The Living Out of Time Dvd utterly smokes. Get it, buy it, so good.

  9. he’s one of my all time fav. def underrated.

  10. Robin is one of the finest independent blues/rock players alive. He broke from Procal Harum and with James Dewar set his own style apart from all the others. When I see Rolling Stone “Butcher” top 100 Guitar players, and he is not on the list …. FUCK YOU .. Roilling Stone, your politics smells worse than a pig farm on a warm day!! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Trower a few times the past 5 years, and he is remarkable! He is in my top 25 for sure, but it is difficult at best to “rate” guitarists across different genres. Blues Rock, He is in my top 5 !!


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