No doubt about it, music can be a great motivator and mentally therapeutic for sports training or any activities that don’t require speaking to someone or breaking ones focus. I find the ‘right music‘ for me makes everything go better, from exercising to work, or just relaxation. Unless my wife or mom (yes, I’m a mommas boy at 56 years old) is speaking to me, then I really better turn off the music and  listen!


When I go to the gym, I do about a 45 minute workout. For some reason I will never understand, my gym plays techno music at torture levels of volume. I know the paradigm, the fast beat and crazy sounds help motivate one to workout harder. Basically I call it aerobics music.

Well that sh*t does not work for me at all. In reality I don’t think anyone really likes a steady diet of techno too much. When the rare occasion occurs that the radio station is changed, I hear it from everyone, “real music, ahhh“. For me, the cardio machines are the most boring exercise I can think of. Time goes backwards it seems. Unless, I have my I-Touch and am listening to some good guitar players doing their thing. You don’t have to guess by now, it is almost always Jimi Hendrix or SRV.

Most of the time I’ll put a few long blues songs on and get lost in the blues and great guitar playing. Before long my 16 minutes of cardio is done. In fact when ever I need to be invisible or don’t want to talk or think of other stuff, I put Voodochild (15 miutes) or Texas Flood ( 15 minute version) and zone to the vibes.

We played The Blues at my transmission repair shop (on the cd player). Nothing else was allowed to be played (unless it was approved first) except limited amounts of talk radio. My experiment, if you will, proved to me that my guys and gal worked the best when they could listen to The Blues. It is not like I did a controlled study, but it seems almost everyone loves the blues. Some people don’t even realize it.

Some really technical things I do, like fixing parts of a guitar or anything I’m doing at a high level that requires intense focus forces me to turn off Jimi Hendrix until I’m done, I get distracted listening to Jimi. The music goes right back on when I’m done thinking!

Everyone has a particular vibe that brings out the vibe or emotion in us. The music that hits the right notes, literally may be different for everyone, since it is my contention we are hard wired to like a certain vibe at birth.

That is the beauty of personal listening devices, we can listen to what we want to. In ending this article, when I got to the gym yesterday, I was going to put my ear buds in, and all of a sudden, “Are You Experienced”, by Jimi Hendrix came on the sound system. Made a lier out of me. It was good until the station was switched back to techno. Fortunately I had my I-Touch and could get into some vibes that put me somewhere I can’t even describe, but you can bet it has something to do with Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.


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  3. This post really hits it home for me… I’m always listening to a blues or jazz piece whenever I’m working out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the treadmill, step climber or a walk/hike through the park with my golden retriever Lucille; I’m always listening to tunes! A lot of the ideas I come up with for my site are generated this way… These days I make it a priority to get a workout in before I even sit down to write. Things just seem to make more sense when I do, and it barely feels like a workout at all.

    Thanks for a terrific post Danny. I need to stop in more often, the vibe is great!

  4. You need to feel good working your muscles on the music you like. I used to listen Manowar loud while doing my sport routine. It helped me focus.

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