Some blues guitar lessons are more fun than others. I just finished taking a down-loadable DVD blues guitar lesson on how to play Jimi Hendrix Type ballad solos. I bought it from Free Guitar Videos dot com. It cost $4.99 and this is the link-URL,  Click the red letters that come next and quit procrastinating : Hendrix Style Ballad Solos. Once you look at the free lessons, ream my free guitar videos review, it’s one sides but true.

Blues Guitar Lessons   free guitar videos blues

I was mesmerized to it. It captured me totally until I committed it to memory so I can engrain it in my muscle memory and soon make a video of me palying it like a musician.

Being able to carry my laptop to my home stereo and tv room and hooking the stereo and TV to my computer is very cool. I can play my videos and backing tracks at a reasonable volume if the sound is running through 200 watts of home stereo. Here is another exciting option that I do on occasion. I plug my 42″ TV into the computer to watch the video lesson, it’s like having a person in front of you it is so big.

These guitar lessons are outstanding. I get so immersed in them I forget about everything else. You know, the elections, money problems, all the stuff middle class folks worry about. Stuff that is not particularly fun or productive. I’m in The Zone. That’s what it’s called.

To capture my attention so incredibly means something exceptional is in front of me. I’m not saying it’s easy. It is not. Jimi Hendrix bends and timing are unorthodox to say the least. Even the best guitarists struggle with his improv timing and playing style.

After 3 or 4 weeks I have embedded the portion of the ballad type solo in my mind. A song I have heard thousands of times, “Little Wing”.  And while the actual movements were not so hard to remember. It took hours and hours of practicing.  Repeatedly going over sections of the video until I could play the section in a rather raw way. My wife is no humming the tune! I have a one artist mind and enjoy listening to Jimi Hendrix over and over.

The notes simply don’t sound the same if the timing between them is off. This video spends a lot of time on the timing of the notes, the bends and the type of bends. It also deals with position changes. It’s an amazing learn blues guitar lesson in all. And the timimg issues are covered to near perfection in the finest teaching format I have experienced. It’s over 30 minutes of concentrated guitar lesson with the backing track and music to boot. No BS. Just lesson.

Make sure you take to mind that this is an intermediate to advanced guitar lesson. If you want guitar lessons for beginners click the prior red letters. If I have wet your appetite then go check their large array of free guitar videos now. I guarantee you will write me a thank you comment or note. Thanks for reading my post.

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Thanks a bunch, Danny Lehrman of Guitar Players




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