Buddy Guy - Teachin' the Blues Buddy Guy – Teachin’ the Blues
(Hot Licks). By Buddy Guy. For Guitar. Music Sales America. Blues. DVD. Hot Licks #HOT173. Published by Hot Licks (HL.14005286)…more info

“Teachin’ the Blues” are Blues Guitar Lessons on DVD by Buddy Guy. Part of the Hot Licks library, this was produced in 1992, when Buddy was about 52 years old. He is 77 years old now. This is a real guitar lesson. The DVD is full of useful and interesting information addressed directly by Buddy Guy. He is charming, with a sweet demeanor. Watch this video on your big screen and experience the equivalent of a private guitar lesson that stinks of the blues, including many unknown facts about the man, that he is too modest to talk about.


I don’t want to reveal why this is a must-buy for any blues guitar player. So my guitar lesson review is limited to this. Buddy Guy wrote a great deal of the songs Stevie Ray Vaughan received recognition for. SRV is one of my favorite guitar players, he has his style, however, if you listen to the music SRV wrote, it mimics Buddy Guys style heavily.

I am 100 percent convinced that the cost of this DVD is a drop in the bucket of your education, many years of fun learning is provided by the man himself, in his words. Don’t misunderstand me, the guitar lesson DVD  has value for folks interested in guitar lessons for beginners. Why, the answer is the outstanding chord charts included in the DVD. Therefore, there are a great deal of positives for beginner guitar players to purchase this DVD. It has so much information, it will take years to learn everything in full. In fact, I suggest you will become a Buddy Guy addict, as I am, if you buy this DVD.

Watch and Learn. Blues Guitar Lessons 

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