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Danny Lehrman My name is Daniel R. Lehrman, please call me Danny. I began my studies of classical guitar, and music theory with George Yeatman in 1960. I had a lesson every week up-to age 14. I heard Jimi Hendrix, as result I switched to electric guitar. After I sold my local auto repair business of 26 years, in 2006, I begin studying electric guitar under a different instructor who graduated from the Juliard School of music, and have devoted almost every moment to learning, teaching, and playing guitar. I will teach you the magic of scales, chords, and many different styles, and genres. My classical, and electric training offer an unusual flexibility in effectively teaching any style of guitar.

I have taken several music theory courses at our local college, IRSC. Currently I am getting a BA at the University of Phoenix. I prefer to teach absolute beginner guitar to students of any age. I am very patient, and take my time to learn every students needs on an individual basis, and how best to prepare, and implement each lesson. I teach my students that practicing is fun. Included is teaching my students how to read musical notation, and tablature as part of my lesson plan. I can incorporate music theory into my lesson plans if requested. I would be happy to teach you at your home, upon request.

Success and fun is the object. All of my students get the same personal undivided attention in every lesson. Although I may teach all of my students the same basics, I get to know each student first, then I decide how best each individual student shall be taught. I offer Skype Guitar Lessons for local students also. Skype lessons are unique, and not limited to long distance.

Starting soon, I will offer classes at my home studio to accommodate more than one student at a time. Saving you money by teaching more pupils at one time. Call me at 772-979-2887 or email me at GuitarLessons@guitarplayerscenter.com if you have a question.

Please call me for a free consultation about what type of guitar lessons are on your mind. By appointment only.


Note: It is my firm belief that the more my readers know about what type of lessons are available  the better decision they will make. Take as much time as you need to read each guitar lesson reviews, or my private guitar lessons page. Educated consumers make better decisions. The recommended lessons are the cream of the crop of guitar lessons online.

Feel free to ask me any specific questions you need answered.

Thank you,
Daniel Lehrman