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I am not in the business of selling online guitar lessons, I’m in the business of selling experience; specifically, I’m selling The Guitar Lesson Experience. The term online guitar lesson applies to online video guitar lessons, streaming video guitar lessons,webcam/Skype guitar lessons, and downloadable DVD guitar lessons.

     Online guitar lessons reviews may be ambiguous, or an interested party may be reviewing them. We, at GPC are passionate about sharing our experience, and empathic to our clients needs and insights into all forms of a guitar lesson reviewed fairly, with exclusive promotions as well. It is in your best interest as prospective guitar student to consider all forms of guitar education. Each person learns differently.

Note: I want to take a second to mention that educated consumers make better decisions.

I encourage you to read our reviews, more so, it is much more fun to simply go to the site, experiment with the lessons and delivery style. See what you like. All of them offer high quality interactive experiences.

  • My Guitar Tricks review has a free 14-day trial offer. Use it.
  • Read my JamPlay (Jamplay) review, and locate the two special promotional offers
  • Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar by Steve Krenz always has a special offer for you.
  • Free Guitar Videos also known as Watch and Learn is outstanding and inexpensive. Offering full courses, and small bite sized classes. My personal favorite.

Although I provide live guitar lessons at my home studio, and by webcam, it is clear that many aspiring guitar students can’t afford face-to-face, or private guitar lessons. I can assure you of this, if you are a diligent student, you can achieve success with any one of the courses recommended, one of them is sure to fit your needs. We are here to help you, please don’t be shy, email me or call me if you need assistance.

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